Mod Adds Shaggy As A Playable Character To Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

We’ve waited, we’ve wondered, we’ve whined for Banjo/Kazooie, Waluigi and others on internet forums, but the moment has finally arrived. Through the magic of mods, the one character everybody wanted to hit Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has arrived: Shaggy.

That’s right, friends. Now, at this point in Smash Ultimate’s life, you might have some mixed feelings about Sakurai and the team’s DLC decisions. How many people were clamoring for Piranha Plant to be released as a playable fighter? None, that’s how many. Still, you don’t question the Smash God Sakurai, you just bow to his whims. Piranha Plant is here, it’s now, it’s got nightmarish little stumpy legs, and we’ve just got to live with that.

On the plus side, ol’ planty boi is a unique character with an original moveset, so it’s got that going for it. Next to steal the show was Persona 5’s Joker, another character with some super interesting gimmicks and a moveset all his own (other than a certain aerial attack which we’ve definitely seen before). If you can maintain that pressure while your Persona buddy Arsene is out, you will wreak absolute havoc as Joker.

There are still a lot of DLC characters to come, though, and we’ve heard absolutely bupkuss from Nintendo as to who they might be. The speculation-o-tron is running wild, though, as it always does on the internet. Some fans are calling for dear old Waluigi, Geno or the other usual suspects, while others are hoping to see a more obscure character join the roster.

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Whatever the case, it’s probably safe to say that nobody expected Scooby Doo’s Shaggy to appears as a playable fighter. Not that he’s going to officially, of course, but where there’s a mod, there’s a way. A few months back, through the magic of memes, a joke petition to see Shaggy added to Mortal Kombat 11 was created. The joke was taken much too far, which is how we arrived at a Shaggy mod for Smash Ultimate.

As Game Rant reports, Demonslayerx8 is the person responsible for this marvel. It’s… well, mere words aren’t going to do this one justice, so here you go:

At the moment, the mod is available only for the modder’s Patreon supporters/Discord, but there will be a public release on June 7. Zoinks!

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