Modder Discovers That P.T. Is More Terrifying Than We Thought; Lisa Is Always Watching

A modder took a deep dive into P.T. and discovered a mechanic involving Lisa that is downright chilling.

So, you thought that P.T. couldn’t have been any more horrifying? Well, guess again, friends. It’s the ghastly gift that keeps on giving… us nightmares.

If you’re a gamer with a distinct taste for horror, you were probably eagerly anticipating Silent Hills. The project was shaping up to be a real tour de force for the survival horror genre, delivering scares of a more psychological, chilling sort. Cheap Five Nights at Freddy’s jump scares? Not here.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. The closest we’d get to the game was the intriguing taste offered by P.T., the demo that tantalized and creeped players out in equal measure before being made unavailable as the project was scrapped. Silent Hills, we hardly knew ye. What a travesty. Just another victim of whatever exactly it was that happened between Hideo Kojima and Konami.

With the intrigue only heightened by the demo’s removal, P.T. went on to become the hit of the Internet. In November of last year, a fan project emerged, offering a remake of the demo for PC players to download. This homage was great and all, but it was missing one thing. Or, rather, one “woman.” Lisa, the infamous lurking spectre of P.T., wasn’t featured, having to be replaced with another ghost.

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What was P.T. without Lisa? Well, interestingly, it’s only just coming to light how very pivotal she was to the experience. Thanks to another enterprising modder, P.T.’s legacy just got a whole lot more frightening.

As VG247 reports, Lance McDonald is well known for his sterling work in blowing games wide open. He’s been taking a trip deep, deep into P.T. of late, and has made a startling discovery that… well, should probably have been left alone. Here’s the man himself to tell the story:

Well, dang. It took some time for McDonald to discover how to manually control P.T.’s camera, but doing so revealed this creepy secret. Lisa is ALWAYS there. Always watching. The best part?

You know what, Silent Hills? Maybe it’s best for all of us that you never made it to fruition. If a simple teaser for the game contained this level of nightmare fuel, who knows what a full game’s worth might have unleashed on us all?

Source: Lance McDonald

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