Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Jumps On The Battle Pass Bandwagon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the upcoming sequel to the ridiculously popular Activision series, is jumping on the "battle pass" bandwagon. In a new blog post over on its website, Activision laid out a detailed plan for post-launch content in the not-reboot military shooter. As with basically every other triple-A release, players will be able to unlock content by working through various challenges after spending a small fee.

As the blog makes it clear, Activision is introducing a battle pass system and not a loot box system (I'll believe it when I see it). As such, content won't be randomized upon opening some box but have a set path to unlocking. As with other similar examples -i.e. Apex LegendsFortnitePUBG-, players will level up by playing the multiplayer modes and earn cosmetic items to adorn their characters with.

If you don't feel like paying up, a "Free Stream" will exist to let players earn simply by playing. The "Premium Stream" will see players unlocking more extravagant items. Any "functional content that has an impact on game balance" will not be included in the battle pass. Players will earn all weapons and attachments by playing the game in a similar fashion to past Call of Duty titles.

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Source: Activision

Modern Warfare won't be hiding what content players are earning. Everyone will have the chance to view what's on offer and decide if they want to invest the time in gaining it. Each new battle pass will launch alongside new seasons, which are planned to happen regularly post-launch. An in-game store will allow players to completely bypass unlocking things, as is expected.

Activision states that the first battle pass will not be ready for when Modern Warfare launches next week (on October 25). As noted in the blog, the team is focused on making the "Day One" experience awesome. The team also wants everyone to be able to start earning content at the same time, which is important with cross-play being a prominent feature.

Whether or not the claim of "not a loot box system" holds true is anyone's guess. Activision has done worse in the past.

Source: Activision

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