Modern Warfare: The Best Weapon In Each Class, Explained

We've tackled each and every armament in Call Of Duty to see just which guns have the best stopping power within each and every class.

Call of Duty has returned and in the most tactical way possible. This isn't futuristic exoskeletons and wall running or historical and old-timey World War II emulations. This is the beloved Modern Warfare many Call of Duty fans have longed for. Though it may have won the title of the best sound design of 2019, it more so has the best customization options and gunplay probably in all of gaming history.

To define Call of Duty's deadliest weapons, we've tackled each and every armament to see just which guns have the best stopping power within each and every class. Lock and load...

Sub-Machine Gun: MP5

The MP5 may not look like much, and that AUG sure does talk dirty, but this small and handy SMG works a charm in the right hands. What sets 2019's Modern Warfare apart from all of the rest is its deeply ingrained utilization of customization, giving each weapon and each user a multitude of variables to work with. No matter if you use the AUG or the P90 with attachments galore, the MP5 still comes out on top.

The damage on this thing is absurd, and though it may fire a bit slower than the MP7, the MP5 still packs a mean punch. Not every bullet in the clip needs to land on target, plus if FMJ is on, it's simply game over for your opponents. Being that it's an SMG, though, this bad boy is more often suited for closer combat scenarios, so be sure to use those various attachments wisely.

Via Infinity Ward

Assault Rifle: M4A1

Modern Warfare's best gun (and most overused in multiplayer) has to be the M4A1, more specifically being the XRK blueprint. Some players even argue the gun is a bit unbalanced, though others beg to differ. What makes it the most powerful among the assorted ARs, of which there are many options to choose from, the M4 simply has the fastest close-range kill time.

If you're one of the few not using the XRK variant, the M4 has a plentitude of amazing customization options that will boost its stats in the right way, particularly the Singuard Arms Invader stock. The hybrid sight provided with the variant is a good choice, but I would recommend using iron sights, thereby saving you a space for a variety of different customizations, like the Corvus barrel, Tac laser, Commando foregrip, Stippled grip tape, and 60-round mags.

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Shotgun: Origin

Despite the fact that Modern Warfare's update may have made the 725 even better than it was, the Origin still is hands-down the best shotgun in the game. So those pesky players with the scoped 725 may be long-shotting you for days on end, even after the patch, yet still, the Origin will simply sweep them off their feet, what with its raw horsepower and unbelievable mobility. Who needs a stock anyway? Take that off and slap a drum barrel on this thing, and you've got yourself a weapon that basically has a spread shot of miniature sledgehammers. No one's getting away from you when wielding this monstrosity.

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Light Machine Gun: PKM

Aptly coined a face melter on Reddit, the PKM is assuredly the most dangerous of the LMGs. It may be the very first on this section's list of only a total of 4, yet still, it's the only one you'll need. The M91 may look promising, what with a more easily-accessible clip, yet there's no denying that Modern Warfare's take on the PKM is terrifying. Give this monster a muzzle brake, tactical foregrip, and reflex sight, and nobody's touching you. This is as close as you'll get to carrying a dragon in a Call of Duty game, for the PKM spits fire.

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Marksman Rifle: MK2 Carbine

They might be the hardest in the game to handle and kill with, but the Marksman Rifles come in handy on longer-situated maps and for those players who may not have the best sniping skills. It may look like a weapon straight out of a spaghetti western, but looks aren't everything. It does, however, have a slow rate of fire, but that's no problem...if you don't miss.

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Sniper: AX-50

The snipers are some of the most difficult to work around, so here's a good guide to ensure you make the most out of your loadouts, even with the best of the best: all hail the AX-50. Sexy, isn't it? Packs a powerful bit of stopping power and damage, too. While the snipers may be the hardest weapons to handle in Modern Warfare, the AX-50 necessitates only one round. Like the Marksman Rifle, just don't miss, though even if you do, it has great mobility to ensure you can find another position and not get killed in the process.

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Handgun: X16

Most players may turn a blind eye to the handgun selection, but Infinity Ward really put some extra thought into this category. If you're looking to have a powerful secondary, the X16 is certainly the way to go. The fire rate is unbeatable, the weapon control isn't mirrored by any of its counterparts, and the overall mobility of the gun in use is a tactical player's dream come true. Especially if you're one to use mounting a lot, the X16 works wonders in taking out those pesky campers hiding behind barrels and corners. Throw on a silencer, preferably one that doesn't devolve damage, and you're on your way to becoming John Wick.

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Launcher: PILA

Even Reddit knows best: the PILA is the absolute best launcher in the game. Why? Because it packs a menacing barrage of damage. The only downside to the PILA is the fact that you MUST aim down sights for it to fire, which may sound annoying, given the fact that it's the only launcher that makes players do this. Still, there's no denying the PILA is an explosive-nut's best friend, especially when taking down aircraft and other assorted vehicles. If you're not the one using it, you sure as heck want the player who does on your team. Otherwise, you'll be blown to kingdom come before you can even begin to complain.

And, that about wraps it up on the best weapons in each class of Call of Duty. Though the game may heavily rely upon the variety inherent in the Gunsmith, each aforementioned weapon still ranks highest in their category. Whether it be speed, tactical movement capabilities, or simply swift time to kill ratios, these guns will be your best friends against the biggest trolls out there. So get geared up and prepare to go dark, these guns aren't going to use themselves.

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