Modern Warfare Datamine Reveals Classic COD Maps Could Be Coming Soon

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dataminer recently discovered 38 new maps hidden within the game's code, many of which include fan favorite classic maps from previous games in the Call of Duty franchise. Although this information has not yet been confirmed, the leaks seem legit and should definitely give Modern Warfare players something to get excited about down the road.

Modern Warfare's multiplayer platform seems to be a return to form for the franchise as far as gameplay, progression, and customization go, but one big issue that many people have had with the game so far is its lack of well-designed maps. The game itself is an absolute blast, but the maps just don't bring back that same sense of excitement that Call of Duty players remember from the past.

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Much of this could change if new maps are added to the game, and that's especially true if those maps include iconic classics that have become almost universally beloved by the Call of Duty community. According to the leak, Modern Warfare might be adding Call of Duty 4's Crash, Shipment, and Broadcast, Modern Warfare 2's Rust, and Terminal, Modern Warfare 3's Oasis, and Black Ops 2's Dam, and Slums. Most of these maps come from what many consider to be Call of Duty's golden age, and fans would love to see updated versions of these maps in 2019's Modern Warfare.

Classic maps weren't the only interesting discovery made by this dataminer though. The leaks also included maps from earlier games that had been previously cancelled and never released. These include the infamous Modern Warfare 2 map, Gulag, which was planned to be modeled from the game's mission of the same name, as well as Port, a map that had been cancelled during production of the original Black Ops. The leak also contained the names of a few zombies maps from previous games, although it's unclear whether or not Modern Warfare will be adding a zombies mode.

Overall, 2019's Modern Warfare is a great shooter that would become even greater if the roster of maps were to be enhanced a bit. The addition of old school maps would not only keep the interest of current players, but would also do a lot to encourage former fans to return to the franchise. Here's to hoping these leaks are a sign of great things to come for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

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