Start Freeing Up Space: Modern Warfare On Xbox Requires A Huge Install

The highly anticipated release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is fast approaching, and fans of the franchise are getting more than they bargained for. The brand new title requires an astonishing 137.66 GB of storage space. Look on the bright side: if you start downloading now, you’ll definitely be playing before Christmas.

Xbox users aren’t the only players facing monumental download sizes. The specifications for the pre-download of Call of Duty features a 175 GB file size on PC. The PS4 download is forecasted to be even larger thanks to an exclusive Survival Mode available only to PlayStation users. No one is safe.

The massive amount of storage space comes as a “necessary” consolation for a game that offers better graphics and more in-game options than any of its predecessors. 

Infinity Ward set out to make the most realistic war game on the market, and it looks like they’ve come pretty close. During the early stages of game design and narrative development, real soldiers were surveyed and drones were sent on recon missions. As a result, Modern Warfare is hailed as Call of Duty’s most immersive experience to date.

Three game modes are packaged along with updated graphics. The standard multi-player format is available with two custom map packs. Additionally, the campaign mode and Spec-Ops game modes are ready to eat up whatever hard drive space you have left. As mentioned, the PS4 download features the Survival Mode—which won’t be available for Xbox players until October 2020.

While 137.66 GB isn’t a ridiculous amount of space, console and PC users are concerned that this is only the beginning. Black Ops 4 started out with a 55 GB download but now takes up close to 150 GB of space. If Modern Warfare follows a similar trend, your favorite titles might have to start competing for precious real estate. Fans have every right to be concerned.

Download size will likely be slightly reduced along with the official release on October 25th. If you can’t wait until then, best to start downloading now.

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