Someone Is Selling Leaked Copies Of Modern Warfare For $250 Online

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare debuting in no less than five days, the anticipation boils to an all-time high. The rumor mill is in extreme lockdown mode, yet what is challenging Activision and Infinity Ward, aside from refuting the loot box claims, are the few leaked copies that are circling about online. The missions, story beats, and multiplayer components may be top secret, but for a few lucky gamers, it's more about the spoils than the spoilers.

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Evidenced by an Instagram photo showcasing seven copies of Modern Warfare, an individual known only as, VonGarcon, on Twitter and Twitch, revealed he would be selling his copies for a whopping $250 a pop. Though the PS4 version comes exclusively with the Spec Ops Survival mode, and with the title releasing in less than a week, $250 is an insane ask for a copy that could very well not even work properly. The streamer did ensure not to spoil any of the game, though he recorded a video playing the new 2v2 Gunfight mode to prove his copies are operational.

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VonGarcon has since taken down the photo and all related social media posts, though it's unclear if he was contacted by Activision or sold all of his copies. As can be gleaned by his tweet, he does make mention that his "home girl" seems to have control over the copies, yet despite this, also revealed in later (now deleted) tweets that he bought them himself and did not know how they were obtained. While he did claim not to work at Redbox, IGN was able to confirm that the barcodes on the copies in his photo are that of the rental retailer's. It's very likely the copies were taken from a Redbox facility.

They're not the only ones, as early Modern Warfare copies seem to be cropping up all over the place due to both retail and rental copies shipping early to make the game's release on time. So far, Activision has been keeping a lid on story-based inside information, besides an explosive story trailer that revealed no more than it had to, like returning and new characters, as well as the overall premise.

This soft reboot doesn't seem to stray too far away from its roots, only this time around, the story seems to focus on international terrorism and the Middle East rather than the Russian baddies from the original. Paying $250 for an upcoming Call of Duty title may seem like an extreme, but for some fans, it goes beyond money. It's all about being the first one on the battlefield.

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