Modern Warfare: 5 Reasons Multiplayer Is Great (& 5 Ways It Can Be Improved)

Modern Warfare's multiplayer is a major return to form with a few improvements. However, there are some ways it could still be better.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is not only a return to the fan-favorite series but in many ways, it's a return to form for the multiplayer. Setting it in the modern-day removes a lot of the overpowered and cumbersome future technology that many fans felt bloated the multiplayer experience for years.

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Having so many lapsed fans return has also helped even the playing field for soldiers of all skill levels and experience. Let's look at 5 reasons why multiplayer in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare is great and 5 ways it can be improved.

10 Needs Fixing: Lack Of Great Maps

One of the most glaring issues with Modern Warfare is that it lacks a fair number of solid maps. Considering the gameplay, for the most part, has really satiated fans and critics alike, it's disappointing that the game has a fair number of maps that are either bad or lackluster.

Thankfully this issue will likely be resolved through DLC content that will bring with it new maps, or at the very least upgraded versions of fan-favorite locations from the original trilogy of Modern Warfare titles.

9 Great: Plenty Of XP

This year it seems that players don't have to spend time and effort getting their hands on bags of Doritos or cans of Mountain Dew in hopes of securing Double XP tokens and codes.

The challenge system in the game rewards players for accomplishing things and those same players are often rewarded with XP boosters among other things. The game's leveling system also seems fair and balanced and never comes off as a grind fest as players see things unlocking on an almost match-by-match basis.

8 Needs Fixing: More Sniper Maps

Sniping is obviously never going to be the primary way people play a Call of Duty game, but it's unfortunate that this latest entry gives those types of players very few opportunities.

Modern Warfare was made with the idea of creating kinetic and fast-paced gameplay which means there are very few extended sight-lines. Plenty of maps from the previous trilogy of Modern Warfare games made sniping viable, so here's hoping plenty of them make their way into the game via DLC drops.

7 Great: Tons Of Options

Video game players can be very particular about the types of experiences they want to spend their time on, and this latest Modern Warfare entry gives them plenty of options. Whether it's you playing solo, with a friend, or with a group, you have dozens of ways to play.

Between traditional multiplayer housing dozens of modes to the Spec Ops specific mode, it's hard not to find something to scratch your particular itch. Infinity Ward also stated that they'd be adding new modes via post-game DLC.

6 Needs Fixing: Shotguns

Shotguns always seem to be a major point of contention with every new first-person or third-person multiplayer shooter. Depending on if it's your weapon of choice you can feel that it's either under or overpowered.

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In Modern Warfare some of the shotguns were obviously powerful and thankfully they were nerfed to be more manageable. That being said, there's still a large portion of people who believe they're still a little too powerful in the hands of the infamous claymore campers.

5 Great: Hop In, Hop Out

Since a lot of the more complicated systems have been removed in favor of a more streamlined experience it doesn't feel as overwhelming for new or lapsed players. In years past it always felt like if you didn't play for a bit you were behind the competition and there was no way of working back into a groove.

With Modern Warfare it seems a lot more casual and welcoming considering the return to the series has brought back a large number of lapsed players who are returning for the first time in years.

4 Needs Fixing: Weaken Claymores

Claymores on their own are fine as they're often used as protection for players who enjoy using a sniper rifle and taking out their opponents from long range. The problem is that they've been adopted by a certain type of player who likes to sit in the corners of rooms with a shotgun and camp in hopes of taking out unsuspecting victims.

Weakening claymores may really irritate snipers but it's a sacrifice they must make for the greater good of multiplayer in hopes of making it less stressful.

3 Great: Fast-Paced

A metric that most first-person shooter fans love to be nailed with a new release is the TTK or time-to-kill in a game. This is the amount of time it takes for someone to eliminate their opponent. Finding the balance of a time that doesn't feel too long or too short can be difficult, but Modern Warfare has seemingly done so.

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The game has a very good pace to it when it comes to movement, respawning, and firefights. If they can fix the issues with shotguns and claymores, it could be even better.

2 Needs Fixing: Camping

Camping is a problem that has existed since the beginning of multiplayer games. There are players who simply enjoy sitting in a specific spot and taking out unsuspecting victims who are playing the game the way the creator's intended.

From a game design perspective, it's hard to implement a way to eliminate it, but it could be interesting to see what Infinity Ward could do to reward normal play while also showing that it doesn't pay to simply camp in the corner with a shotgun and a claymore.

1 Great: Boots On The Ground

As the years have gone on the Call of Duty series has leaned more and more into futuristic technology and it drastically changed how multiplayer was played. It made players have to worry about so much as opponents could be above or below them and moving constantly in a chaotic fashion.

Modern Warfare, like Call of Duty: WWII helped bring the series back to the ground. A lot of times by simply making the experience simpler and stripping away things, it can lead to a better experience.

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