Modern Warfare: 10 Tips For Dominating On The New Maps

Understanding a Call of Duty map can be difficult, but if you want to get good at Modern Warfare, these tips will help.

Call Of Duty is a franchise known for generally having well-designed multiplayer maps that fans fall in love with. When it comes to playing on these new maps it can feel like an overwhelming task to find a place where these maps feel familiar and less like foreign territory.

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Knowing how to get acclimated and put your best foot forward can make a world of difference regardless of someone's skill level. Let's now get into 10 tips for dominating the new maps in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.

10 Don't Get Frustrated

Whenever a new game in the Call of Duty franchise releases you should expect a certain type of annoying trend to gain popularity in its early days. With Modern Warfare it seems that the early trend is using shotguns and claymores while you camp in smaller confined areas.

This can become extremely frustrating for players, but remember that the more you let your emotions overcome you the likelier it is that your performance suffers. Take a deep breath and realize you can't control how someone plays a video game.

9 Keep Moving

Most of the maps in Modern Warfare tend to include a lot of smaller traversal areas that act as hallways between points. These tend to make the maps feel fluid which in turn lends its hand to players who are constantly in a state of motion.

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By continuing to move, you're avoiding the worries of spawn flipping, which could result in enemies spawning behind you. It also lets you explore a map and get familiar with its finer details. Unlike people who camp, you'll also have most of your self-respect intact.

8 Understand Map Flow

Multiplayer maps in first-person shooters, when designed well, will have these natural lanes of movement that players gravitate towards. Knowing these natural lanes of flow can work in your favor in two opposite ways.

If you plan on taking these paths you can change up movement to catch others by surprise. At the same time if you're someone who doesn't like to do the same old thing you can position yourself in ways to intersect with the flow of the map, but from a different perspective or angle.

7 Be Able To Adapt

Every match on a specific map isn't going to play out the same. With new players coming in and out of the multiplayer lobbies you should anticipate different play styles, skill levels, and map strategy.

A lot of what you see will be the same, but don't get caught off guard when you're hit with the unorthodox. The best players and survivors are great at adapting to the situations that surround them. Being able to maneuver your strategies and tactics to adapt can change everything.

6 Sightlines Are Everything

Sightlines are the lines of visual feedback you have access to in certain areas of a map. They're not always in a straight horizontal line, as some sightlines take advantage of an area being higher or lower to the rest of the playable area on a map.

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Even if you're the type of player who uses a more run and gun type approach, knowing the sightlines can protect you from your enemies. Getting surprise killed only to find out they were in a window above you doesn't ever feel great.

5 Spawn Locations

Call of Duty, for the longest time, has had an ongoing complaint that their spawn locations on certain maps can be atrocious. This type of issue isn't exclusive to the series, as this complaint can be heard thrown at many other multiplayer shooters.

Knowing general spawn locations isn't only great for those vile players who love spawn trapping or camping, it also lets you understand when, how, and why a spawn flip will occur in a match. Often simply knowing where your enemy isn't is just as important as knowing where they are.

4 Know What Works

If a map takes place in an area that includes several buildings tightly constructed next to one another than using a sniper rifle probably won't give you the best chance to perform well. You'd likely turn to an SMG or shotgun to make use of the tight corridors. Remember though that you might feel best using an assault rifle in this type of situation. It's all about figuring out what works for the map as well as what works for you as an individual out on the battlefield.

3 Explore And Discover

Maps in multiplayer games tend to be straightforward in hopes of feeling welcoming to players of all skill levels and experience. But that doesn't mean that there aren't often little tricks hidden in certain locations that may not be too obvious to the everyday player.

Don't be afraid to explore the maps and see what the less populated areas have to offer. Often you can find great areas that offer vantage points that give clear lines of sight towards the places that have heavy foot traffic.

2 Get Comfortable

They say that the more knowledgeable you are, the less thinking you can do. Football players in the NFL say that once they're comfortable with a playbook they can simply go out there and play the game without overthinking things. The same goes for first-person shooters and the maps you play on.

Once you get comfortable with your strategies on certain or all maps, you can begin to think less and just let it come naturally as you ingrained the things that give you advantages naturally.

1 Learn The Maps

Knowing maps thoroughly comes with time and experience. Everything that was previously mentioned on this list doesn't require expert skills when it comes to first-person shooters.

If you simply pay attention to your surroundings and observe the design of the map you can give yourself a great advantage without even firing a single bullet. Committing to this early means that you can keep up and learn the new multiplayer maps as they're added at intervals past the initial release of the game.

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