Latest Modern Warfare Patch Finally Allows Thermals To See Through Smoke

Thermals in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can now see through smoke via the use of thermals, something they'd been requesting since the game dropped.

The Call of Duty devs had quite the task on their hands keeping gamers happy with updates and we've seen a handful come out since highly anticipated title, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, dropped last month.

Infinity Ward only recently released a patch that saw the famous 725 shotgun nerfed (while also buffed somehow), among other things, but they've since been made to give players a fresher update that will allow players to use thermal goggles to see through smoke.

The patch was initially announced by Infinity Ward's Senior Communications Manager Ashton Williams, who took to Twitter to give the game's community a sneak peek earlier this week.

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Ashton disclosed that the Call of Duty League (CDL) will be on the receiving end of some love. Changes have seen competitors get the ability to turn the "spawn" camera off during private matches. As mentioned above, they're also now able to see through smoke via the use of thermals, something they'd been requesting since the game dropped.

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Infinity Ward initially left the ability out because they wanted the game to seem more realistic, although they don't seem all that keen on multiplayer modes being very lifelike.

The changes aren't restricted to the CDL, however, with Ashton having indicated they will be global (not the "spawn" camera). The patch has also taken care of the bug previously affecting the Search and Destroy (SnD) game mode. Players weren't able to undertake mounting as intended and, while attempts to do so would show that they were mounted and hidden behind cover, enemies saw them crouching out in the open as if waiting to be shot.

Ashton wouldn't go past a tease, informing fans of her intention to post notes later on and promising "lots of good stuff." Of course, we are already at that point.

You could see the Killstreak notes right here:

- Fixed an issue where selected killstreaks would revert to the previous selection mid-match

- Fix where players using the Shield Turret killstreak could see through smoke at certain angles with the side panels of the turret

- Dead Silence: Fix for the Dead Silence Field Upgrade not lasting the correct amount of time when CDL rules are enabled

- Thermal scopes are now able to see through smoke grenades

- Added the option to disable the spawn camera

- Fixed an issue where the mount interaction prompt was disappearing when planting or diffusing the bomb in Search and Destroy

There are still some issues to be ironed out and we suspect no number of patches will make everyone happy, but at least they're coming in thick and fast.

Source: Modern Warfare Subreddit

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