Ranked: 10 Best Monster Hunter Collaboration Events

Monster Hunter has always enjoyed teaming up with other gaming franchises, and these ten crossover events showcase why this is a good thing.

The best thing about Monster Hunter is its willingness to adapt to other properties. That it is to say, it has been featured in a lot of other games via crossover events. In turn, various games in the series from the original on PS2 to the newest iteration on current gen consoles have played host to events as well.

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Monster Hunter World could probably fill this whole list since all the crossovers have all been great so far, but to be fair, this writer only included a few. Now here is the thing. The ranking for this will get weird. Some of these collaborations made it on here because they are funny while others are just plain cool. It will become more obvious which is which as one reads on.

10 GMR Sword

GMR was another magazine under the same brand as EGM that wasn’t as successful. That is to say, it ran for only two years. Despite its lack of popularity, it got an exclusive sword, the GMR Chrome Heart, put into the first Monster Hunter.

The craziest thing about this was that it had the brand all over the blade of this great sword. Of all the magazines to have a tie-in, why GMR? Looks like this desperate move didn’t pan out for the magazine.

9 The Pizza Peel

Monster Hunter Frontier was an MMO for PC and Xbox 360 released in Japan only. It truly had one of the weirdest cross promotions ever. Pizza Hut got a weapon.

The Pizza Peel is considering a Longsword and not a spear as one might think by the picture. All players had to do was order pizza from them and they got a code. The window for such was between July and September in the year it released so probably everybody that played that game has the weapon. That’s a huge timeframe for such a weird get.

8 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As of right now, there has only been one fighting game where players could be a hunter aka Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. That’s the only playable cameo, but that doesn’t mean the series hasn’t been represented in others.

For example, the Rathalos is a boss that appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s not really a crossover event since it’s in the game and will never disappear, but let’s count it anyway because it’s a cool feature.

7 Phantasy Star Online 2

Since Phantasy Star Online 2 is still on the public's mind after that E3 reveal, it made one want to reminisce on the various Monster Hunter events. Unfortunately, the West is probably not going to partake in any of these crossover battles featuring Monster Hunter, or any of the other properties that leat their talent to the game.

That said, the possibility is not out of the question. After all, this game came out in 2012 and is finally coming to the West. Anything is possible now!

6 Nintendo Collaborations

There are so many more great Nintendo crossovers to name them in other single entries so let’s do a quick roundup. In Monster Hunter 4 players could dress up and get weapons inspired by the Metroid series.

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Fire Emblem weapons and costumes made it into Monster Hunter Generations. The coolest event was a free DLC for Monster Hunter Stories, wherein players could dress up as Link and capture Epona as a playable Monstie. By the way, Monsties are basically Pokémon. This is only the half if it too!

5 Worlds Unite

First of all, Archie Comics, for years, made a comic based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man franchises. The two franchises crossed over through various series, but there was one that opened up the world bigger to bring in other Sega and Capcom franchises.

This run was called Worlds Unite and yes; there was Monster Hunter stuff. So yeah, have fun trying to track this one down to read it. Psst, check the Internet.

4 Metal Gear Solid

In many ways Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a different take on the Monster Hunter formula. It has large maps with segmented zones, along with multiplayer as a focus. Of course, there was also the fact that players could take on a Rathalos, Tigrex, and Gear REX online.

If completed, data could then be ported into Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on PSP in order to make armor that makes players look as Snake or, to be more exact with the timeline, Big Boss.

3 Horizon: Zero Dawn

This collaboration was actually exclusive for PS4 players since Horizon: Zero Dawn is a console exclusive. On top of that, the game has quite a few similarities to Monster Hunter, just with robots that look like animals instead of real animals.

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Players could hunt various monsters in order to get enough parts to craft a skin that makes them look like Aloy, the main character from Horizon Zero Dawn, along with turning their Felyne companion into a little robot. Oh right, Aloy's awesome bow was made available too.

2 Final Fantasy

This one was actually a two way street. In 2018 players of Final Fantasy XIV could take on a raid boss, a giant Rathalos, while Monster Hunter World players could tackle a massive Behemoth.

Even though this was a collaboration between those two games, it actually looked more like the Final Fantasy XV version. No matter what game one played, both events were tremendous love letters.

1 The Witcher

Geralt, from The Witcher series, sure has made his rounds in a lot of other games, including Monster Hunter World and Soulcalibur VI. There isn’t a game he seemingly won’t appear in.

Anyway, like Horizon: Zero Dawn, players could craft a skin to look like the iconic otherworldly monster hunter along with various weapons from his arsenal. Not only that, but later on Ciri, his adopted daughter, also got her own event.

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