10 Facts Casual Fans Never Knew About Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is huge now in the West thanks to its latest release. The upcoming expansion, Iceborne, looks just as inviting. It’s not that the series was dead outside of Japan. It has had a nice little niche following since its 2004 debut.

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But to those that are indeed new to this monster slaying phenomenon, here are ten cool things one might not know.

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10 Upcoming Movie

Whenever a video game movie is announced, the automatic reaction tends to be a shrug. For one, video game movies are revealed all the time, but rarely see the light of day. Two, if they do somehow come out then they are probably going to be garbage. However, Detective Pikachu, problems and all, was a good video game movie, so there is hope for Monster Hunter.

Oh and also, this is not a rumor. This is supposed to release in 2020 and there are even shots taken from the movie set out there. This is crazy due to the fact that that the film has been in talks as early as 2012! Will it finally happen?

9 Monster Hunter Hunting Card

Can't get enough Monster Hunter but don't want to join in on any game without the word "World" in it? Well, then check out the card game. Well, hunt for the card game because it's a bit obscure now.

Monster Hunter Hunting Card, which either went with the greatest or worst title imaginable, debuted in 2008. Unfortunately it is still a Japanese exclusive series. Thanks to translators online and the fact that each card has numbers, it isn't that tricky of a game to get into.

8 Monster Hunter Stories

Another great pickup for the more casual fan is Monster Hunter Stories. Unlike the monster hunting, hack and slash heavy gameplay of the main series, this 3DS spinoff is basically Pokémon. Players will catch monsters, or Monsties, and use them to battle other Monsties throughout a highflying adventure.

It has a gorgeous cel-shaded art style too. Piece of advice: Buy it only if one owns a New 3DS. It loads a lot faster. Just as an extra FYI, there is also an anime based on it.

7 Amiibo Exclusives

Speaking of Monster Hunter Stories, it has exclusive Amiibo that never came to the West. These are the only Amiibo that never left Japan. Well, there was BoxBoy as well, but it's crazy to think Japan has rarities. They may be the best Amiibo out there too.

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There are six toys and they unlock special eggs that will hatch into rare Monsties. And yes, they work with the English version of the game, which makes this exclusion all the more strange.

6 Sales Numbers

Despite Monster Hunter being extremely popular and arguably among the main reasons the PSP was successful, the highest entry before Monster Hunter World was at most four million units. They all range from one to four million on average. Pretty good, right?

Well, compared to the latest entry that scored - as of this moment - around twelve million, it’s incredibly low. Not only that, but it apparently is the best selling single version of a game in Capcom's history. Now that's a record!

5 Monster Hunter Spirits

It may be hard to believe, but Monster Hunter has a Japanese arcade game dubbed Monster Hunter Spirits. It's also probably not what people would expect, as it is also a card game. See, players could buy packs outside of the arcade to then use on the machine, which then tracks progress.

It seems pretty elaborate for a card game. Wouldn't wielding a giant arcade sword be a lot cooler of an experience? Eh, Japan just loves its arcades and elaborate card games.

4 Monster Hunter: The Real

Yep, there was a ride called Monster Hunter: The Real, which opened in Universal Studios Japan for about half a year in 2017. There were handmade statues featuring several of the series' most iconic monsters and an AR Game where players could virtually slay creatures in real life sort of a like a crazier version of Pokémon Go.

Although it is closed now and, thus, impossible to experience, there are a host of YouTube videos that explore the exhibit. Not going to lie. This writer is pretty jealous.

3 Monster Hunter Generations Scrapped Weapons

What would a video game be without scrapped ideas? Various Monster Hunter art books have showcased a lot of cut weapons for example. There was the Falconer class, which appeared to use, well, falcons as sort of like a partner akin to the adorable Felyne companions.

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Akin to this there was also a class, or weapon whatever, called the Hunting Hound, which added a feral dog partner. Both of these ideas have yet to be featured in a game. Since Capcom has toyed with the idea of at least two other animal companions, that sounds like a great spinoff featuring nothing but hunters with animal classes. Technically that is kind of what Monster Hunter Stories is like.

2 Missing Games

Even though Monster Hunter never made a particularly big splash outside of Japan until Monster Hunter World, Capcom localized most titles. However, there are still some Japanese exclusives. There was Monster Hunter 2 for the PS2 in 2006.

Monster Hunter Frontier Online is an MMO for the PC that debuted in 2007 along with its later sequels Monster Hunter: Frontier G and Monster Hunter Online. Then there are the weirder spinoffs for portables including Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airou Village and Monster Hunter Explore.

1 The Appeal Of World

Monster Hunter World is the 5th main game in the series so here is a question. Why didn’t Capcom name it Monster Hunter 5? They did it for the other main entries in some regard.

Well, even though it is still considered as a mainline entry, Capcom wanted World to seem like a reboot to appeal more for Westerners. That is to say, calling it Monster Hunter 5 might have scared off potential newcomers.

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