Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Adding Breath Of The Wild Gear

Monster Hunter and The Legend Of Zelda are collaborating on the Nintendo Switch in the form of exclusive armor and weapons. The crossover items will be available in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and will feature armor based on Link's Breath Of The Wild outfit, the Ancient Bow weapon, and a Palico outfit that looks like a Korok. All of this content will be available when the game releases in North America and Europe on August 28th. 

A new trailer shows the gear in action, and also reminds fans that other Zelda content is making an appearance. An outfit based on Link's more traditional green tunic and a Palico suit that turns the cats into Toon Link will also be available.

While this is exciting news for Western fans, it is technically a rerelease of content that has been available in Japan for about a year now. Even so, it is nice to have these outfits confirmed. It also makes for a reassuring statement that Capcom is committed to supporting Monster Hunter in the West. Perhaps the success of Monster Hunter World has shown Capcom that Western gamers enjoy the thrill of the hunt just as much as their Japanese brethren.

On Nintendo's part, the timing of this crossover announcement points to just how much the company is invested in Breath Of The Wild. The Champions Tunic-clad Link has the starring role in Super Smash Bros Ultimate and was just added as a free update in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The blue-clothed version of Link is quickly becoming the standard Link, edging out the decades-old green hero.

via: gameinformer.com

Fortunately, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate players won't have to choose a Link. The green and blue costumes will both be available in the game. Players will also have plenty of monsters from throughout series history to hunt and make armors from. There's also the new elder dragon added for this game, as well as "G Rank" versions of old foes. Or, if hunters already have armors they like from the 3DS Monster Hunter Generations, they can transfer their save data over and use those. Being a monster hunter might be a dangerous gig, but it's also a fashionable one.

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