Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Releases First English-Language Footage (Yep, It's Locked At 30fps)

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - known as XX in Japan - is coming to Western Nintendo Switches soon.

Eager Monster Hunter fans with a taste for importing have probably already gotten their fill of Monster Hunter XX, as it’s known in its native Japan. The game took its sweet time to find its way over to Western shores, but it’s finally doing so later this month (August 28th to be precise). As release draws ever closer, here comes the first English-language footage of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

With Capcom quashing the possibility of Monster Hunter World ever coming to Switch, serial Rathalos-botherers were probably feeling a little hard done by. For Western fans, it’s now been a full year since Monster Hunter XX released, and many have probably taken the plunge already.

After all, if you’re not averse to importing, this is a franchise that welcomes it more than most. Monster Hunter is not about the twisty-turny, cliffhanger-laden plot. Save those sorts of shenanigans for Dan Brown novels. The series is all about the action, with story and dialogue absolutely secondary.

Having said all of that, there are also many Switch players who are totally content to wait for release in other regions. This one’s for you patient souls. It’s interesting that there’s been such a painstaking wait until footage of the English version was released, with release so close, but here it comes.

Via: Game Academia Singapore

Here, courtesy of Nintendo Life on YouTube, is the first footage of the game as it will appear outside of Japan. Naturally, in terms of gameplay and such, nothing at all is different, it’s just nice to be able to read the information on the HUD. Not to mention the ever-adorable-yet-mostly-useless dialogue of our furry companion.

As Nintendo Life themselves state, this is no elite, MLG, perfect no damage run, but it’s great to see the game in action Western-style nonetheless. The footage shows a hunt of returning favorite monster Barioth, in all of its stealthy, icy majesty.

For those who have felt a little disenchanted with the Switch’s output this year, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate represents a challenging, deep and utterly addictive action RPG experience. It’s a meaty title in the truest sense of the word. There’s one caveat that’s sure to leave certain gamers feeling some type of way, though: it’s locked to 30fps, so as to maintain compatibility with the (Japan only) 3DS version.

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