Monster Hunter Iceborne's 5 Best Returning Monsters, Ranked

Some of Monster Hunter's best classic monsters returned for Iceborne, and these are the best of the best.

Monster Hunter World's new Iceborne expansion is packed to the brim with new content. A new map takes the action to a frozen tundra, complete with new wildlife that calls it home. This also gave the developers a chance to come up with new ice-themed monsters, from a moose-like wyvern with giant antlers to an elder dragon that can permafreeze prey. The less deadly new content comes in the form of a steam-powered mini-game, a home for your hunter, more powerful weapons, and more. All this new doesn't mean Capcom has forgotten the classics, however.

The monsters are what make Monster Hunter, and fans have gotten pretty attached to some of these guys even though they've killed them countless times. Loving the monsters and simultaneously hating the monsters is part of this series' weird appeal. Capcom knows what the fans want, and made sure to fill Iceborne with popular monsters from series history. They've all made a stupendous transition to modern consoles, but some are still clearly better than others. Here are the five best classic monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

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5. Yian Garuga

via: Boss Fight Database

While Yian Garuga may look like your average wyvern, it is actually one of Iceborne's nastiest endgame bosses. You can't even take it on until you defeat the final story boss. It's quest is called "Return of the Crazy One." That should give you some indication of how ferociously it attacks. It can also inflict poison and fireblight, and deal fire damage. Longtime hunters wanted Iceborne to be a challenge, and Yian Garuga certainly delivers.

4. Savage Deviljho

via: Boss Fight Database

The Deviljho is huge and it knows it. It knocks unsuspecting hunters around with broad tail swipes and picks up other monsters in its hungry jaws. It will even swing smaller monsters around as makeshift weapons. Yet its reputation as one of the most aggressive monsters in the game is somewhat mitigated by its usual green color and long, tubular body. Fans lovingly refer to it as a pickle. Capcom actually sold Deviljho pickles. The Savage Deviljho, an upgraded version found in Iceborne, does not have this problem. It's red, angry, and can blow dragonblighting breath whenever it feels like. It's way spicier than your average pickle.

3. Brachydios

via: Capcom

Veteran Monster Hunter fans mostly enjoyed Monster Hunter World, except for one thing. They found the game too easy, and the monsters too simple. The series has a history of creative monster designs, but World's offerings mostly amounted to "angry wyvern that swiped at you with claws and tail." Iceborne was an attempt to address these complaints, and Brachydios' return is a product of that. It is technically classified as a wyvern, but it doesn't really fight like the others. It spits on its arms, converting the green slime into an explosive material. It will then coat the floor with this material. Battling it means facing its brute strength as well as the trapped floor of the battlefield. Brachydios, tough as it is, is always welcome as one of the more interesting fights in the series.

2. Glavenus

via: Capcom

Glavenus here continues the Brachydios tradition of monsters that weird weapon-like appendages. It's a concept that's not exactly unique to Monster Hunter. The Pokémon Scyther comes to mind, as do several JRPG monsters. Still, Glavenus's straightforward fighting style is a welcome change in Iceborne. Its not about fighting the environment or a monster's surprise ability. You know what you're fighting. You know you have to cut off that tail. It's just that knowing doesn't really make it any easier.

1. Zinogre

via: PlayStation

Who could ever think that this good boy is anything but #1? This electrically-charged monster got its own trailer, a testament to how popular it is. Its in-game cutscene is also a tribute to its glory. It saves the player from a Rathalos attack only to inadvertently cause a Diablos/Rathalos fight. Then it breaks that fight up, and finally challenges the player. Hunters love Zinogre, and other monsters fear Zinogre. It also produces one of the coolest weapons in the game.

Are you a Zinogre fan? Did your favorite not make it on the list? Let us know in the comments!

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