Everything We Learned About Monster Hunter: Iceborne From Dev Diary #2

Capcom released a new trailer and developer diary for Monster Hunter World: Iceborn, which are filled with new and exciting information. Iceborne is the first expansion for Monster Hunter World and will release September 6th, nearly two years after the release of the base game.

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The developer diary, which is almost an hour long, breaks down all of the new and returning monsters coming to Iceborne, as well as the new mechanics players will encounter in the expansion. Developers Ryozo Tsujimoto, Kaname Fujioka, and Daisuke Ichihara provide a highly detailed look at the future of Monster Hunter. Here is everything discussed in Developer Diary #2.

New And Returning Monsters

First up is Brachydios, a Brute Wyvern that first appeared in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as the flagship monster. Brachydios' arms and head are covered in thick green slime that covers the ground wherever he attacks. After a certain amount of time, depending on the attack, the slime patch will detonate and deal massive damage. The slime is also sticky and can prevent hunters from moving through them.

The developers emphasized that players already familiar with Brachydios will have to learn how to counter a whole new move set. Positioning is very important when facing Brachydios, as the slime patches serve as both CC and AOE damage.

Next is Barioth, a flying wyvern from Monster Hunter Tri that the developers describe as a monster that has complete freedom in its movements, even on ice. Barioth has long, walrus-like tusks that it uses as hooks to move across the ice.

Barioth strikes suddenly with his attacks in order to keep the hunter off their guard. This monster also takes advantage of Worlds environmental interactions and will often leap from wall to wall as it pursues the hunters across the battlefield.

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Glavenus, which first appeared in Monster Hunter Generations and was announced for Iceborne in the previous trailer, has now been revealed to have a subspecies in Iceborne called Acidic Glavenus. Acidic Glavenus has a long sword-like tail embedded with acidic crystals that will cause the hunters' defense to decrease if they are hit by it.

Acidic Glavenus can also sharpen his tails into a katana-like weapon and transition to quick, stabbing attacks. The sharpened tail deals the most damage, and even more so when acid has removed the hunter's armor.

Iceborne's flagship monster, Valkhana, is an ice-based elder dragon that exhales chilled air to form ice pillars. Clever hunters can use the ice pillars to their advantage in battle. Valkhana can also cover itself with a thick layer of ice armor that must be removed in order to limit Valkhana's ice abilities.

Finally, the developers revealed the name of a brand new elder dragon that was hinted at right at the end of the trailer. While the team didn't go into detail about the fight, they did reveal that Namielle is a water-themed elder dragon.

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New Lynian Characters

Boaboa, the new Lynian characters that appeared in the trailer, are native to the new Hoarfrost region. They wear the fur of Popo for warmth and have a culture that deeply respects hunting. If the hunter is able to earn their trust, the Boaboa can be powerful companions, as seen in the trailer. A large group of Boaboa can join you in battle, lobbing spears at enemy monsters and dealing lots of damage. Further, by befriending Lynians in each region, including the Gajalaka and Grimalkyne, the hunter will gain access to unique mounts in each zone by using the raider ride command.

Balance Changes Galore

A large portion of the video detailed all of the various balance changes coming to Iceborne. Just about every weapon, armor set, monster, and item is getting an adjustment in one form or another so it's best to read through the patch notes on the official site for specific details. The most significant change coming to the balance of the game is the way elemental damage works.

In base Monster Hunter World, elemental damage was capped at a certain number, meaning that no matter how the weapon was upgraded or improved through set bonuses and consumables, there was a maximum amount of elemental damage that could be done per hit. The result of this was that elemental damage was never as powerful later in the game, even when matching the correct resistance to the enemy monster. Raw damage, or elementless damage, was uncapped, and therefore had the potential for much higher damage. In Iceborne, the elemental damage cap will be lifted in order to make more weapons viable and encourage players to build different sets for different enemies.

Helping New Players Catch Up

In order to play the new content in Iceborne, players will need to have earned hunter rank 16 and finished the base game. Capcom is hoping Iceborne will bring new players to Monster Hunter, so to that end, it will be providing an extremely powerful Guardian Armor set to all players to help boost new hunters to the end of the game.

There is also a new feature called Hunter Helper, which is available to players in the new Master Rank to encourage them to help out players in Low and High Rank. Master Rank players that participate in Hunter Helper will receive a special reward at the end of their hunt that's weighted for their individual rank. There is also a decorative item called pendants that Hunter Helper players will earn that can be applied to weapons.

Iceborne releases on September 6th on PC, Xbox, and PS4. New players can grab the Master Edition, which includes the base game and Iceborne for $59.99.

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