Monster Hunter: Iceborne Trailer Reveals New Water Elder Dragon

Monster Hunter: Iceborne Trailer Reveals New Water Elder Dragon

The latest Monster Hunter World: Iceborne trailer has revealed a brand new Elder Dragon you’ll have to fight when the expansion finally drops.

There are only a few short weeks before Monster Hunter: World gets its first (and apparently final) DLC, Iceborne. The biggest game that Capcom has going for it was showcased in yet another trailer, which showed even more monsters that are being added to give hunters a challenge.

First, we got to see the Barioth in action, which is a returning beast from Monster Hunter 3. However, it looks like Barioth has been given an icy makeover to account for his new digs.

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Next up, we got a subspecies of Glavenus called Acidic Glavenus. Our first peek at this monster in the last trailer showed a deadly armored tail, but Acidic Glavenus has adapted to the poisons of the Rotten Vale so that its tail now secrets a caustic acid. Getting struck will lower your hunter's armor, which will make its sharp stabbing attacks all the more deadly.

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However, it is the Elder Dragon Naielle that stole the show at the very end of the trailer. Monster Hunter devs Ryozo Tsujimoto, Kaname Fujioka, and Daisuke Ichihara spoke of Namielle's powers in the latest developer diary, revealing that it is a water-based Elder Dragon. Those tentacles on its face are meant to mimic the sort of bioluminescence of angler fish found in the deep sea. Its powerful elemental attacks will encourage hunters to bring extra defense against water.

While the new trailer reveals some tantalizing details about Iceborne's story, it also reveals a new set of armor that you can get on September 4 for free. Its called Guardian Armor and it is upgradeable and designed to help lower-level players progress from the beginning of World so they can get to Iceborne.

Higher-ranked hunters are also incentivized to help their lower-rank brethren through a new Hunter Helper system. Exclusive Pendants and Trophies are awarded to benevolent players who help lower-ranked hunters complete quests and hunts.

Iceborne arrives on September 6th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the PC version is coming out later this winter.

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