Monster Hunter World Isn't Coming To Switch, But An Exclusive Entry Might Be

Monster Hunter World may not be coming the Nintendo Switch console, but Capcom might be planning exclusive title for it.

Nintendo Switch fans who enjoy a little Monster Hunter may have been feeling bitter about Monster Hunter World. We’ve seen that Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is on its way to the hybrid handheld, but apparently, that was a bit of a consolation prize. Or was it? Does Capcom have a little somethin’ new in store for Switch players?

If you’ve played the smash-hit that is World on PS4 or Xbox One, you’ll know what a huge, involving experience it is. For all intents and purposes, this was the franchise venturing into the whole open world thing that’s dominating the industry at the moment. Out with the loading screens and separate numbered ‘zones,’ in with vast seamless areas (man, is that forest big).

It’s a super ambitious title, that’s for certain. It’s understandable, then, that there were concerns whether the Switch would be able to tackle it. The debate began around the time the game was released, and now Capcom seems to have had the final word. As Destructoid reports, at a recent shareholder meeting, the team went as far as to imply that porting Monster Hunter World to Switch would just be an impossibility. Thus speaketh the oracle.

Via: Forbes

There it is, then. With all the time that’s passed since the game’s release, and the doubts and damning words that have passed since this is unlikely to surprise anybody. Still, there was still a little hope for an announcement. Just a little, hidden behind the back of some optimist’s couch somewhere. We can now all but consider it dashed.

Nevertheless, though, there’s no need for Nintendo fans to despair. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is set to arrive on Switch on August 28, and that isn’t the end of the story. At the same conference, Capcom had another intriguing little info-nugget to dispense.

As they dashed Switch owners’ hopes for a World port, they also gave cryptic hints about future entries in the franchise. Entries tailored specifically for the Switch. As for what exactly these might be, nobody’s telling yet, but that’s the kind of talk that you’ve just got to keep an eye on.

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