Monster Hunter Coming To VR - But Only At Universal Japan

A "next-generation attraction" based on the expansion will be coming to Universal Studios Japan.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne VR Attraction

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is receiving VR support, but not at all in a way that you would expect. A "next-generation attraction" based on the expansion will be coming to Universal Studios Japan.

It's time to save up for that trip abroad, because Universal Studios Japan stated on its site that the Iceborne VR attraction will be coming to the park in spring 2020. The attraction will allow park-goers to participate in realistic hunting scenarios in VR. However, that isn't the full extent of the collaboration. Themed rides and restaurants will also be available, not just for Monster Hunter, but for Attack on TitanDetective Conan, and Lupin the 3rd as well.

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Attack on Titan will have a VR ride to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the manga. Detective Conan will receive the most attention, with a new roller-coaster, an escape room, a park-wide mystery challenge, and a murder mystery restaurant. The collaboration with Lupin the 3rd comes in the form of a live street performance. These, along with the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne VR experience, are all part of Universal Studios Japan's "Universal Cool Japan" department. Those collaborations are coming next year, whereas this year, the featured attractions included series such as Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Godzilla.

If you're considering making the trip to see all of these attractions with your own eyes, make sure to mark December 6th on your calendar. That's the date when Cool Japan Express Passes go on sale for next year's park opening.

The VR Iceborne attraction will be coming at the perfect time. Players on multiple platforms will have been able to experience the expansion by the time the VR hunts become available, as those express passes are going on sale about a month before Monster Hunter World: Iceborne comes to PC. The PC release of Iceborne will bring high-resolution textures, a 4K update, an uncapped framerate, ultra-widescreen and DirectX 12 support, and better keyboard and mouse controls on top of all of the gameplay and story additions from the console versions.

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