Monster Hunter: World: The 10 Best Weapons For Affinity Builds

In Monster Hunter: World, your character does not level up. the only way to increase in power is by obtaining, crafting and upgrading various pieces of gear, in order to give your character better stats. A very important stat is Affinity (Critical Chance), which determines the likelihood of dealing a critical strike.

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A lot of builds focus on utilizing a combination of gear to increase the Affinity stat to high levels, allowing the player a greater chance of dishing out tons of damage. While there are countless builds, there are some weapons that are frequently turned to for just this purpose.

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10 Coral Chordmaker

Fans of Monster Hunter: World have something of a love/hate relationship with Hunting Horns. In a game of monsters, swords, Hammers and Bows, it feels odd going into battle with a horn. Still, there’s band of dedicated Hunting Horn players who swear by the weapon, and the Coral Chordmaker has use for these niche affinity builds.

The Coral Chordmaker grants a 25% bonus to affinity, deals 714 normal damage and 210 fire damage. It also provides melody effects that boost defense, grant better ice resistance, and more. It’s not for everybody, but for those wanting to use horns in affinity builds, this is a decent one to have.

9 Dancing Duval

Continuing with the Hunting Horn builds, the Dancing Duval ranks higher than the Coral Chordmaker because it brings just a little bit more to the fight. It has the same 25% bonus to affinity, does the same 714 damage without adding any elemental damage, but it does cause the status effect of sleep.

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It also has an incredibly useful melody effect that negates stun, which can be very helpful in the more annoying fights in the game. Again, Hunting Horns aren't for everybody (and their slower attacks make them less Affinity-inclined) which is why these rank lower, but this one does boost Affinity and can be useful for certain playstyles.

8 Hate’s Undying Flame

Charge Blades can be very effective in the right hands, but some players don’t like the added responsibility of making sure their weapon is in the right mode at the right time. For those who do, Hate’s Undying Flame makes for a powerful Affinity weapon, giving a 25% bonus and dealing 540 damage with 150 fire damage added on top (in terms of raw stat-screen power).

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If you’re interested in wielding Hate’s Undying Flame in battle, you’ll have to rip it from the Odogaron’s claws, which is considered one of the toughest monsters in the game.

7 Odium

The Odium is another Charge Blade that has seen use in Affinity builds, given its 25% bonus to the stat. It does a little more damage than Hate’s Undying Flame at 576, and does 180 fire damage. When equipped with the Odogaron armor set it can be a powerful weapon in the right hands. However, some players will forgo the matching set to further boost other stats, thereby milking the damage achieved from a critical hit with other pieces of armor.

The reason it’s included as a separate weapon (even though it’s the upgraded version of Hate’s Undying Flame) is that not everyone is willing to commit to farming the Odogaron over and over again to get the resources necessary to craft it.

6 Fate’s Ember

Light Bowguns aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but some players swear by them. They rank higher than Hunting Horns because the base of players that use them is higher, meaning more players are willing to fight with these weapons.

Fate’s Ember grants a stunning 30% Affinity bonus and a meager 221 damage. The gun has a decent rate of fire, however, so the damage really isn’t bad (you're striking faster than most weapons, balancing out DPS). It does require Wyvernblast ammo, which means another level of micromanagement, but the whopping 30% Affinity bonus is often considered worth using this gun.

5 Karma

Karma is the upgraded version of Fate’s Ember, and deals 234 damage (again, that's in stat-screen damage terms) with the same 30% bonus to affinity. The weapon is stronger, which is why it ranks above Fate’s Ember. For some players, however, the 13 points of extra damage isn’t worth grinding Odogarons, so they’re content using Fate’s Ember.

For those who are willing to put in the effort, this can be a great weapon for an Affinity build.

4 Garon Dharah

The first Lance on the list, Garon Dharah is a bone weapon that deals 391 damage with 210 fire damage at full upgrade. Its best perk by far is its helpful 30% Affinity bonus. As a Lance, it provides the ability to block attacks and even perform counter-attacks.

Offensive players enjoy fighting with Lances, as it allows them to stay on the attack while providing defense. It is a slow weapon and makes dodging a little more complicated, but with a tanky Affinity build, the Garon Dharah will serve the player well.

3 Crushing Beak

Because Affinity boosts the base damage, it can also help to have a weapon that does high levels of damage. The Crushing Beak shines as the only Hammer on this list, dealing a whopping 884 damage in its maxed out form. There’s a lot of extra damage that can be gained with strong Affinity builds (though, as we say, they're better suited to faster weapons), and it also has a sleep status affect.

The reason this weapon isn’t at the top of the list is because it’s slow and doesn’t have a lot of reach. Some players like getting up close and personal and dishing out lots of damage, but it takes the right mindset and the right play-style.

2 Azure Star Dragon Dance

This Long Sword takes the number two spot for being a fairly simple weapon to wield while still delivering lots of power and benefits to the player. With 495 damage, 180 water damage and a 30% Affinity bonus, this special weapon packs a punch and doesn’t require farming Odogarons to obtain.

Originally this weapon was only available to Japan, but it has since become available in all regions. It does require the completion of an event quest, though, so players will have to be on their toes to make sure they snag this powerful Affinity weapon. It also comes with some of the best-looking armor in the game. The only reason it doesn’t rank higher is that it can’t attack creatures who keep their distance via flight.

1 Aloy’s War Bow

Aloy’s War Bow is a fun easter egg from the game Horizon Zero Dawn and is by far the best weapon in the game for affinity builds. Dealing 192 damage and 240 thunder damage with a 30% Affinity bonus, it makes for a strong weapon. It really shines because, like all bows, it can be coated with a number of substances that provide helpful buffs and status effects.

It does require ranged fighting, and players must be good at dodging and kiting opponents, but it can attack all monsters in the game. Its flexibility with coatings makes Aloy’s War Bow another top pick for Affinity builds. The only way to obtain this weapon is in the special quest The Proving, which requires taking down an Anjanath.

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