Monster Hunter World: Best Armor, Ranked

There's an awful lot of armor to choose from in Monster Hunter World, and we're sorting through some of the best outfits available with this list.

So often the rookie hunter will put all the focus on their weapon and the offensive. Little do they know that the rest of your gear is just as important, especially in Monster Hunter: World where a good set of armor can affect all aspects of the battle.

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It's less about the specific elemental weaknesses, as that is mostly situational. Every armor set, at one point or another, will be at its worst. The real importance lies in the bonuses and effects the armor will give you in terms of battle stats and mechanics. From blocking to damage, a specific set can change the battle from a loss to a win. Let's check out some of the best.

10 Kirin Set

Depending on how you feel about horns, the Kirin set ends up being one of the most fashionable sets in the game. Certain players are more interested in looking the part than actually killing the beasts, and this is the armor for them.

While it can be incredibly powerful against beasts that use thunder, it's a very specific set of attributes for an all-around armor. It does come with the good luck skill, which will get you better rewards for your efforts. If you happen to love hunting dragons and looking good doing it, the Kirin set fits the bill.

9 Fulgur Anjanath

Anytime you craft armor out of an incredibly powerful T-Rex, expect it to be good. The increase in thunder damage is a great perk that will benefit a player in many fights on the journey in Iceborne. The real prize is the weakness exploit bonus that will bump your damage up 30% at the weak points, and 50% in the wounded areas.

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This makes the player even more deadly as the fight progresses. This is compounded when you add in the stamina boost that comes with it. So often you're fighting not only with the enemy, but the clock also makes you weaker as you take damage and get worn down. With this set, the tables are turned!

8 Odogaron Set

For all the melee hunters out there who scoff at the thought of a bow, the Odogaron set is likely the best choice. Nevermind the slick blood red design that will leave other hunters in awe, because this set lends itself to a wide variety of weapons, something a full set rarely manages to pull off.

Many prefer to use dual blades with the set, giving players a nice all-around damage that they can start their late-game/post-game adventure off with. If you happen upon a fire beast on your travels, don't bat an eye, the Odogaron will reduce the damage significantly.

7 Barioth Set

Given the name of this extension, an armor set with resistance to ice attacks will come in pretty handy. The hybrid look of the set is pretty good, looking a bit like a winter samurai can never go wrong.

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The bonus you get will help in big fights too, upping your power and employing a stun to your enemies. Once they snap out of it, you'll draw an attack and be able to counter however works best. The ears tend to throw off the burly aesthetics but it never hurts to add a little charm to your style.

6 Nergigante Set

The dream of looking like a centaur has been realized in the Nergigante set, with a shiny set of horns to boot. Unfortunately, this is about the only thing that stands out about it. A lackluster regen ability and mediocre stats become a bit of a letdown after defeating the beast.

The bonus lets you drain the health of your opponent but only every few hits, and the recoup isn't any better than other options. The best thing is that you can stack the ability with other options to become the leech of the hunting world.

5 Diablos Set

Best name for a set and picks up the slack where the lazy hunters among us fall behind. Constantly having to sharpen your weapons is an interesting mechanic that adds some realism to the game, however, it can be annoying in those fights where every sliver of damage counts.

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Diablos will compensate for upping the damage as your blades get dull. If you're weapons base sharpness happens to fall in the green range (Zorrah weapons) then you will gain a significant increase in damage after a few swings.

4 Velkhana Set

With one of the highest overall defensive ratings in the expansion, the Velkhana set proves one of the best full sets to date. Players with a long list of elemental weapons will benefit greatly from its increase in critical hit damage. Not to mention the slow charge that builds as your weapon is sheathed.

It quickly dwindles as your attack but the charge is powerful and will deliver a lot more damage in a small period. One of the unique abilities that come with the set is walking around the frozen tundra like a king. The design draws the eye instantly and keeps the attention on your regal self.

3 Glavenus Set

Walking through the flames of a foul beast will be easy with the Glavenus Set, giving you an increased resistance to flames. Just make sure not to get it wet. Complimented by deep red colour and heavyset shoulders, it's sure to give an intimidating presence on the battlefield.

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It will serve players well in the mid-game but as they begin to reach the biggest enemies the lack of variability may be an issue. It does give you a maximum 40% affinity that will give an extra push every time you attack.

2 Drachen Set

The set that has taken over the scene as far as diverse builds go. Not only does it look great, but you also don't have to kill anything to obtain it. Unlike most sets that you come across that come from taking apart your mark, the Drachen Set can be made from the pieces you collect in the first stage of the fight.

This makes it pretty easy to farm the materials to make Drachen Armour by repeating area one. This does take some exclusivity away from the set but also makes it more accessible. What players really want is the Masters Touch, which will keep weapons sharp as you hack and slash your way through monsters.

1 Uragaan Set

Having trouble with unblockable attacks that always seem to get through? Welcome to the defensive wonderland of the Uragaan Set. If players don't mind walking around like a giant boulder that is. Aesthetics definitely isn't one of the sets strong suits and won't be winning any fashion shows anytime soon.

It also has a pretty great counter-attack set that sets you up nicely for fights with the elder dragons. When everyone is retreating or using special counters to maneuver through you can simply be the wall that you're dressed up as.

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