Monster Hunter: World Gets Free Trial On PS4 Until May 20

Monster Hinter World

Monster Hunter: World is free on PlayStation 4 until May 20th.

Well, when say free, it’s more like a free trial. In fact, it’s exactly like a free trial. Only the first few hours of gameplay are available, after which you’ll need to actually pay for the game. But the first few hours are really all you need to get hooked, and Capcom knows it.

Hot on the heels of the recent Iceborne expansion update, Capcom is getting more people hyped for Monster Hunter: World by hosting a free trial event on PlayStation 4. The trial began May 9th and continues to May 20th, and all progress carries over if you decide to buy the game.

Just the first few hours of the game will be available which allows prospective hunters access to two regions: the Wildspire Waste and the Ancient Forest. You’ll be able to take assignments up to Hunter Rank 4, which allows you to hunt the Great Jagras, the Pukei-Pukei, the Kulu-Ya-Ku, the Barroth, the Jyuratodus, and the Tobi-Kadachi. Of all of them, the Tobi-Kadachi is easily the most dangerous and should pose plenty of challenge for new players.

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Capcom specifically warns players against facing the Rathalos or Diablos even though you might see them wandering around. While those monsters may be present, both are assigned as targets at much higher Hunter Ranks, and taking either of them on would be tantamount suicide. But hey, if you think you’ve got the chops, knock yourselves out.

Tobi-Kadachi Monster Hunter World
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You’ll have access to all weapons and armor that can be created using the materials you find, can play with anyone who already owns the full game, and if you decide to buy the game everything carries over. Monster Hunter: World is currently 60% off the PlayStation Store, which means you can buy the game for just $19.99. That’s a steal.

Monster Hunter’s first expansion, Iceborne, arrives this September and will be sold for $39.99 for owners of the current game. You can do the math there and see exactly what Capcom is planning with this free trial. The Spring event is currently in full swing, so now’s the best time to get into Monster Hunter: World and slay a giant electric snake-squirrel.

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