Monster Hunter World Guide: Locating And Defeating Deviljho

Monster Hunter World’s first major update is available now, and with it comes the newest devastating monster: the World Eater, formally known as Deviljho. Veteran monster hunters have no doubt been salivating at the chance to finally take down the massive beast.

Like the fight itself, simply finding Deviljho is no walk in the park. But fear not, hunters! The Gamer is here to walk you through the necessary steps to locate the monster and bring him down with as much ease as possible. Keep reading for The Gamer’s guide for locating and defeating Monster Hunter World's Deviljho.

Upon installing the update, you do not automatically receive a quest related to Deviljho. Rather, you will need to have completed the Pink Rathian quest, as well as having a Hunter Rank of 12. Once these prerequisites are met, open your world map to find a location that has a monster icon containing question marks. That is where you will be able to find Deviljho.

Once the beast is tracked, head to Astera and speak with the Jovial Scholar located to the right of the quest board - found within a group of three researchers and identified by the blue exclamation mark overhead. This will unlock a special investigation. Then, it’s time to hit the pavement as you embark on your expedition for collecting footprints and anything else aiding in your Deviljho research, which can be identified by the attraction of green Scoutflies.

After you complete the special investigation, return to Astera and speak with the same group of researchers. This will unlock the Dragonproof Mantle, as well as the optional quest “Today’s Special: Hunter Flambe”. This is the Deviljho quest, so clearly, this quest is entirely not optional!

Fighting The World Eater

Time to fight the World Eater. Deviljho’s attacks are particularly devastating, so ensure that the armor you bring to the fight has a high defense rating, including protection against the Dragon element. Deviljho is weak against thunder, so your weapon of choice should be fairly fast with the ability to deal thunder damage, which should temporarily stun him, giving you the opportunity to deal additional damage.

Do not be fooled by Deviljho’s size, as the monster’s movements are deceptively quick. In fact, even if you snare him in a trap, Deviljho will continue to fight back, unlike other trapped monsters. Deviljho’s weak points are his head and chest, so focus your attacks on those areas. Regardless of whether or not the beast is trapped, try maintaining a position to the side or behind him, away from his barrage of brutal bite attacks. But, be sure to be wary of his sweeping tail attack as well. Severing the tail as quickly as possible will help reduce the range and severity of that attack.

This battle will certainly keep you on your toes, hunters. But for your efforts, you will be rewarded with the Dragonproof Mantle; not to mention the bragging rights that, for you, the World Eater was no more than a mere Pickle.

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