Monster Hunter World Iceborne: How To Get The Best Helmet In The Game

The Pearl Snatchers quest in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne gives you a unique monkey helmet, here's how to get it.

The Monster Hunter World: Iceborne expansion is finally upon us, and that means new quests and new monsters. It also means new armor, and thankfully the developers have decided to embrace the silly side of the series once again. Monster Hunter World's base game got some criticism from longtime fans for being a bit too streamlined in an effort to bring in new players. Iceborne seems tailor-made to address this problem by throwing in harder quests, scarier monsters, and more ridiculous novelty equipment. Such as this, the best "helmet" we could ever ask for.

(Warning: Spoilers for a monster reveal in Iceborne. Scroll past if you just want the guide.)

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What Is That Thing!?

The little creature atop the hunter's head in that video is called a Pearlspring Macaque. They're a monkey-like animal new to Monster Hunter via Iceborne. They manage to survive the sheer cold of the land by chilling in hot springs. They're part of the "endemic life" category of creatures, which means you don't hunt them in a violent fashion like the big monsters. Instead, you can capture them in your net and keep them as pets. Or collect them for an event quest.

How To Get A Pearlspring Macaque On Your Head

If you want to get one of these adorable monkeys to ride along for your hunts, you simply need to complete an event quest called "Pearl Snatchers." It's a limited time quest that's available until October 3rd. The quest appears on the board like any other as long as you're in at least Master Rank 3. Completing it is simple. Just go to the Hoarfrost Reach's hot springs, use your Ghillie Suit to sneak up on the little guys, and catch six in your net. With the quest completed, the "helmet" will be unlocked.

Crafting The Pearlspring Alpha Plus Headgear

Even though the Pearlspring Macaque is an animal, wearing it on your head requires crafting like any other armor piece. The piece is officially called the Pearlspring Alpha Plus. It requires three Pearlspring Tickets, two Prized Pelts, two Thick Bones, and 9,000 Zenny. The money and tickets will come on their own as you play. Prized Pelts can be gotten by slaying anteka or popos and harvesting them. Thick Bones are available in the bone piles of the Hoarfrost Reach. Once you have everything, take it all to the smithy and get crafting! You'll have an adorable monkey on your head in no time. You can't see it here, but it's actually a living creature that moves and reacts along with your hunter.

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