Monster Hunter World Iceborne: Resident Evil Crossover Turns The Handler Into Mr X

Well this is Monster Hunter news that no one expected. The Monster Hunter World Iceborne expansion is having a spooky seasonal crossover with another Capcom property. You can probably guess where it goes from there, yet you'd likely still miss the extent of it. Yes, the crossover in question is with Resident Evil. Players will have the chance to reskin their hunters as Claire or Leon, as well as decorate their weapons with S.T.A.R.S. paraphernalia. That's par for the course, but just wait until you see what happens to the Handler.

At the end, you can't miss it, the Handler is shown to be reskinned as Mr. X. Why exactly, no one can say. At the same time, however, everyone loves it. Some fans are calling it the handler change we deserved. We did, after all, ask for a more serious handler.

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Also curious is an effect that seems to make hunters turn into zombies. It's not just a visual change, either. Footage is shown of a party of zombified hunters taking on big monsters. They waddle along with outstretched hands, at least until they take out their weapons and start swinging. It's unclear if this animation change affects other aspects of player characters or if it's just a fun new walk cycle.

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The Resident Evil crossover also seems to add some kind of mansion area to Monster Hunter World. A cutscene takes place in the area, as does an amusing Thriller-esque dance sequence. But we never see anyone hunting there. The area could be a playable map or it could just be set dressing for the player's home.

Overall the footage is a lot of questions and little answers. And yet Monster Hunter fans don't really seem to be asking for answers. The crossover content looks simultaneously thrilling and ridiculous, a kind of combination only Monster Hunter could pull off. The crossover is coming sometime in November. Why after Halloween is just another question that will never be answered. But at least there will be tofu.

Source: Capcom

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