Monster Hunter's New 'Serious Handler' Has The Internet Foaming At The Mouth

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players are falling in love with a new character simply because she takes her job seriously.

There's a new Monster Hunter handler in town, and everyone loves her simply because she's serious about her job. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne brings a lot of new to the table, including a story that sheds light on some of the New World's mysteries. This results in some more quality time with an NPC that used to sit quietly in the background. Now that she has more screen time, she's found herself with quite the following.

Monster Hunter World introduced the idea of a two-person hunting team. There's you, the one who goes out and risks life and limb to fight giant beats, and your handler. She does all the paperwork. Despite having such a low-impact job, the Handler is treated as a crucial story character. She does all the talking for you and constantly reminds you of your latest quest. Since she's such a constant presence, the developers decided to give her a chipper attitude and a penchant for snacking. This was probably meant to make her endearing. Instead, most of the fandom hates her.

via: Monster Hunter Wiki

That makes things awkward because she's still around when the game ends. That means that in the Iceborne expansion, which takes place shortly after World's main story, she still has to be there. Fortunately for fans, the writers decided to have the Handler leave for a bit during Iceborne's story for a personal quest. Enter the Serious Handler.

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As her title implies, the Serious Handler has a more measured approach to her job and life in general. She's professional, to-the-point, and maybe a little nervous about doing a good job. This slight lack of confidence has actually made her as endearing as the original handler was supposed to be. Users of the Monster Hunter subreddit can't help but want to root for her as she earnestly tries her best. Then, as memes often do, things picked up speed fast. Fans went from celebrating the Serious Handler to asking the regular hander to never come back.

At some point the Serious Handler didn't even matter. It was just awesome that the loud, annoying handler was gone.

Poor Handler. She worked so hard to take care of all that paperwork so we could do all the fun stuff. And this is the thanks she gets.

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