Monster Hunter World: Iceborne’s Second Update Adds The Shocking Stygian Zinogre

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne's second free update will bring Stygian Zinogre into the fray.

Capcom's Monster Hunter World: Iceborne continues to receive new batches of content and monthly updates with new equipment, quests, and of course monsters. In October, players had the opportunity to fight the fierce Rajang. November brought a special take on Vaal Hazak (called the "Blackveil") as part of the Resident Evil 2 collaboration event. Now, it seems that Capcom is planning to bring another shockingly terrifying beast into Iceborne - Stygian Zinogre.

Initially revealed during a Monster Hunter event in Japan -and later on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account-, Stygian Zinogre will be coming to Iceborne on December 5. According to the Twitter post, Stygian Zinogre's debut will be accompanied by a "plethora of new content," so it's safe to assume players will also get a quest to hunt the monster as well as weapons and armor (such as with Rajang).

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Shortly after posting the reveal trailer for Stygian Zinogre, the Monster Hunter Twitter account posted a teaser image for a brand new monster. Little is known about the creature besides the green flames that surround it and some sort of cave players will have to fight it in. Apart from that, it is currently unclear if the new monster will simultaneously release with Stygian Zinogre or not.

Stygian Zinogre (along with the new green flame monster) isn't the only update that will come out for Iceborne. After the expansion's release, a roadmap was posted detailing new content for a few months. It revealed that during the month Stygian Zinogre releases, the PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration will bring extra content in the form of quests and themed-equipment.

The game will also be receiving new updates in 2020, which will mark the two year anniversary of Monster Hunter: World. Aside from having an in-game anniversary event (similar to the one from 2019 most likely), the game will receive "more title updates." Whether it means more collaborations, quests, new monsters, and so on, remains to be seen. It's likely Capcom has big plans, though.

Source: YouTube

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