Monster Hunter: World - 10 Most Annoying Monsters

Like most loot-based roleplaying games (RPGs), Monster Hunter: World, to put it bluntly, is simply a violent game of piñata. You hit the monsters over and over again until they explode into colorful pieces of organic components for you to turn into weapons or armor. It's uncomplicated and quick, but it's not so easy in Monster Hunter: World. That's because the monsters you slay or hunt here have their own unique personalities.

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Hence, plenty of monsters have an attitude. Some treat you like a chew toy, while others just love to ruin your day as a monster hunter. They're not necessarily a difficult fight, but the way they interfere with your business is nothing short of irritating. Around a fourth of Monster Hunter: World's 40+ main monsters are like this. So, prepare your patience hunter, because these 10 monsters will destroy your inner peace.


This list isn't about celebrities in video games but it may as well be with Uragaan. He is more famously known in the Monster Hunter community as Jay Leno. It shouldn't be difficult to see why. That damn chin is not just for show or intimidation either - it also doubles as a hitbox for the large monster, making fights with him doubly infuriating since you can often miscalculate the range of his chin attacks.

Couple that with meatball bombs that the monster ejects every now and then and you'll be thrown around and humiliated in the fight a lot more than necessary. Moreover, Uragaan only has a few weak spots, mainly his head and behind his legs, meaning you'll have to brave that chin and those exploding meatballs in order to make progress when hunting him down.


While Tzitzi-Ya-Ku is one of the easiest monsters to beat down into submission, it comes with one atrocious capability: Its flash photography. Or, whatever that is in his head organ that gives off a boastfully bright flash which also stuns your character. Due to this, the bird wyvern is often regarded as the resident paparazzi of Monster Hunter: World.

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It also has a penchant to appear in some of your busier fights with bigger and more threatening monsters. That means Tzitzi-Ya-Ku's intervention in one of your hunts can easily turn into a defeat if it manages to flashbang you in the right moment. It's too bad you'll have to hunt him a lot if you want those starter lightning-based weapons.


Jyuratodus is a piscine wyvern (basically fish monster) and its monster classification is as embarrassing as it sounds. After all, Monster Hunter: World locales only have land-based terrain and Jyuratodus and his kind feel out of place. Somehow, they still managed to sneak the fish monster into the game but they probably shouldn't have.

You see, Jyuratodus isn't exactly a difficult fight, it poses no danger to any hunter of any level or skill, but fights with him can still take a while. It likes to cover itself in hardened mud armor, making your attacks bounce off its scales unless you have a water-based weapon. Not to mention the fights with Jyuratodus take place in a muddy area which severely hobbles your character, which only adds to the tedium.


Jyuratodus was only the tip of the iceberg of vexation. Its fiery twin, Lavasioth, is the most generally avoided monster in Monster Hunter: World. That's because, apart from being a piscine wyvern, Lavasioth's armor is made out of lava and rock; comparatively, Jyuratodus is only coated in mud. So you can imagine just how exasperating it is to fight this fish monster.

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No matter the level of sharpness your weapon has in the game, Lavasioth's hardened lava armor will deflect it. There is only a short window of vulnerability after he swims in lava which softens his skin, after that, it's back to the most uneventful monster hunt ever. His tempered version is even worse as it can one-shot your character with a cheaty fireball attack.


For many players of Monster Hunter: World, especially those new to the franchise, this red T-Rex is the first high hurdle in the game. Anjanath is a big meanie who breathes fire and also stands tall, making melee fights with him troublesome as you can easily get knocked down if he so much as brushes his legs with your character.

Since he's the first real challenge in Monster Hunter: World, many novice players will likely need several tries before defeating Anjanath. Also, like Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Anjanath also loves to patrol around any area he spawns in. Eventually, he'll bump into you fighting another monster and surely enough, he'll join the fray and throw you around in the process.


Deviljho makes Anjanath look like a puppy by comparison, both in size and ferocity. It is one of the biggest non-Elder Dragon monsters and is often regarded to be on the same level in every area besides its title, which is good since that means we can capture the monster instead of slaying him in a prolonged fight. Because of its appearance, the game's community has resorted to calling Deviljho "pickle," which does nothing to dilute his savagery.

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What makes Deviljho generally feared is its huge hitboxes. The tempered or golden version of Deviljho can take more than half your full health and knock you down if you manage to brush a hair on its hip during one of its attacks. Additionally, pickle here has a habit of hunting down whichever monster you're also hunting which isn't too bad until that monster runs away and Deviljho turns its attention to you.


Lunastra is an Elder Dragon who can be summed up as an angrier and more powerful version of her husband, Teostra. There are many monsters in Monster Hunter: World which give off a feeling of unfair design and mechanics; Lunastra is the arguably the worst of all those. Any fight with her, whether solo or co-op, is a straight path to infantile rage and most likely broken controllers.

Her weak spots are placed in the most dangerous and inaccessible parts of her body and the damage she does to your character is insane. Her nova attack can one-shot you and if you happen to dodge or live through it, the following burning damage-per-second (DPS) drips will likely evaporate you. Don't even think about using flash pods to stun her, as this will prematurely set off her nova and won't have any other effect. It's one of those fights which you'll never want to repeat again once you win.


Oddly enough, some of the most maddeningly persistent monsters in Monster Hunter: World aren't even the main or large monsters, but the Gajalakas. These small cretins spawn in groups of three or four and will pester you or the monster you're hunting if you disturb their territory enough.

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If you do decide to deal with them, whether you're using melee or ranged weapons, get ready to be irked even more as they move fast and can easily avoid your attacks while the others gang up on you. To make matters worse, their weapons are coated in poison and can even paralyze their target, including large monsters and you. Luckily, you can befriend them through a rather arduous process and questline.


Kushala Daora is another Elder Dragon who's more trouble than he's worth. Apart from being a required fight for the de facto final boss of the game, Kushala regularly does an obscene tornado attack which lingers on the area pretty much permanently since he can cast them again.

Mind you, he will cast them generously, sometimes he'll even cover the whole area in tornadoes leaving no room for your character to be upright. These tornadoes will constantly knock you down and deal a bit of damage in the process, making fights against Kushala more like a test of psychological fortitude than anything else. Without them, however, he'll probably be the easiest Elder Dragon to defeat.


Here we go, the king of all annoying monsters in Monster Hunter: World - Bazelgeuse. Because of his persistent meddling in your hunts with other monsters, he's made quite an impression to many players and in turn, was given many names (Bagel Goose, B-52 bomber, Beetlejuice, etc.). If you see his icon in a locale, you can bet he'll be there to interrupt your hunt. Once you hear his obnoxious scream, prepare for that "oh, not you again" moment.

It doesn't matter how far he is, Bazelgeuse will find a way to drop acorn bombs on both you and the monster you're hunting. It's best to prepare to fight both him and the monster you're after (basically add him in every hunt if he's present in the locale). Oh, and get ready to fight two tempered versions of him at the same time; it's needed if you want to progress further into the end-game.

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