Monster Hunter World Coming To PCs On August 9th

Monster Hunter World is Capcom's best-selling game ever, and now it's coming to the PC to make a bit more money.

So, Monster Hunter World has served PS4 well. It was the jewel of Sony’s early 2018 lineup, arriving on January 26 and quickly becoming Capcom’s best-selling video game ever. It wasn’t PlayStation exclusive, of course, but it plied a much better trade on the system. Now it’s off to another system: PC.

For some time now, there have been faint murmurings about the PC edition. Faint murmurings do nothing but fuel the rumour mill, though, so it’s great to see that Capcom have finally broken the silence on that score and given us some solid facts.

On Monday, Capcom Unity cleared up a few of the biggest questions. It’s confirmed that the game is coming to Steam. When? August 9th, that’s when. Interested PC gamers can head over to the game’s Steam page right now to preorder. Doing so will net you a couple of goodies to use in the title when it drops: the exclusive Origins armour set and the Fair Wind charm.

This is the same little item pack that came with preorders of the console version. Neither the armour nor the charm are going to carry you for much of your Monster Hunter World career, but they’re neat little extras to noodle around with.

Via: lesinrocks.com

So, there’s just under a month to wait. What else do we know about the PC launch? Well, it’s not going to feature any cross-platform play or mod compatibility. Not at first, at any rate. As Destructoid reports, World’s producer, Ryozo Tsujimoto, has confirmed that the game will not be compatible with the Xbox One or PS4 versions at launch. On the subject of mods, too, he simply stated that the team has nothing to announce at this time.

That’s not to say that the game will never have either of these features, of course. If there’s one thing we know about this wacky old industry, it’s that post-launch patches and fixes can do amazing things. It’s a shame that they have to, granted, but as long as there’s still hope, that’s better than nothing.

So how are you feeling, PC gamers? Are you thankful that the six month wait for World is finally coming to an end, or are you upset at the lack of these features?

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