Monster Hunter: World's Iceborne Expansion Arrives In September

Iceborne, the icy expansion to Capcom's breakout hit Monster Hunter: World, is coming to consoles in September.

Iceborne Banboro

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne arrives on major consoles this September 6th.

It’s been a long wait, but Capcom’s breakout online multiplayer monster-slaying spectacular, Monster Hunter: World, is finally getting its icy expansion. Winter is coming, and it’s bringing a whole bunch of new monsters, new equipment, new missions, and a brand new location along with it.

World’s new locale is known as Hoarfrost Reach, and it’s described as the largest region in Monster Hunter. Much like the lava zones in the original Monster Hunter: World, tromping around Hoarfrost Reach will require players to drink Hot Drinks (similar to Cool Drinks) and take regular baths in natural hot springs to avoid hypothermia.

Most likely you’ll also be able to slay a few Popos (those are the big mammoth-like creatures that are milling about) to get some warmer gear, but that’s just a guess for now.

Speaking of new creatures to kill, there’s a bunch of brand new and returning monsters to slay. Starting with the returning champion, Nargacuga from Monster Hunter Generations is coming back, while brand new beasts are waiting in ambush amongst the snow drifts.

First is Banbaro, the giant moose-like monster that seems to share a lineage with the Anjanath. Beotodus is the Lavasioth-based ice-fish that is sure to be equally as annoying to slay. And Velkhana is Iceborne’s brand new Elder Dragon and is sure to bring quite a challenge.

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Along with new beasts comes new abilities. Your Palico now seems to finally be able to revive you using a giant glob of Vigorwasp juice which seems to be an evolution of the Vigorwasp gadget. Your Slinger will finally have a use in combat other than throwing dung as it’s now able to be fired while your main weapon is drawn.

New monsters will provide new parts for weapons and armors, and while no new weapon types will be added, there will be new combos given to the weapons we already got.

Finally, for those looking for that little extra challenge, a new Master Rank will sit above High Rank to make every monster just a bit more deadly. Or a lot more deadly.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will cost $39.99 when it arrives on September 6th. Save your pennies and get ready to slay some icy beasts.

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