Monster Prom: 10 Best Endings In The Game (& How To Achieve Them)

Monster Prom is full of unique characters, and there are tons of different unique endings. Here are the best and how to get them!

Monster Prom is full of unique characters, from the main 8 to tons of side characters. It's all about wacky and absurd humor and has over 1000 situations that you can end up in! There are many different endings to the game, including over 40 secret endings that you can unlock or trigger at random. All of the endings have Stat Checks and when picking which option to take, always choose the option you have the higher stat in.

As a heads up, this list does contain spoilers for the game.

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10 Family

This secret ending for Scott can be unlocked by purchasing The Gift That Keeps On Giving and randomly receiving A Drawing From a Random Kid. Scott will see you with the picture and reveal that he's never met his parents. First, you have to choose between either discussing the history and development of jazz (Smarts) or make a silly face (Fun). In the second scenario, you can choose to convince the owners of a pizza shop that you're a time traveler (Charm) or act entitled to get a free pizza (Bold).

And in the third one, you can either take the option with the ribbon (Creativity) or explain that it's hard for people to vocalize their emotions (Charm). Finally, you'll want to go to prom with Scott.

9 Locket

You can unlock Polly's secret ending; Locket, when you buy The Cursed Locket of Winston Montgomery. Polly will see you with the locket and convince you to use it in a pretty unconventional way. Tell Polly to test the locket beforehand (Charm) or to always stay hydrated (Smarts). The Coven shows up and angers Polly and it's up to you to help them to calm her down.

Choose to find a creepy kid who talks to ghosts (Charm), or use an Ouija board to talk to Polly's mom (Smarts). Finally, you and the Coven will find Polly and can either say you want to understand her more (Bold) or apologize for judging (Charm). Then go to Prom alone.

8 Prank Masterz

Prank Masterz can be unlocked after buying An Ancient of Forbidden Arts. Polly and Scott steal the tome thinking it's a prank book. First, either get a kidney from David Boreanaz (Charm) or buy one from the Angel Kidney Store (Money).

Then, trick a classmate into high-fiving you while you wear a hand buzzer by saying its a family artifact (Creativity), or convince him everyone else in school has high-fived you (Charm).

Lastly, Polly and Scott will try to summon Z'Gord and you should choose to either upgrade to a new dimensional network (Smarts) or convince the Interdimensional Prince to open a rift for you (Charm). Then go to prom with either Scott or Polly.

7 Gift

In order to unlock this ending, you must unlock all 13 items from The Gift That Keeps On Giving. Afterward, you may be granted A Date With Valerie. It'll trigger the scenario where Valerie asks you to help give presents to your classmates.

The first one is to Aaravi and you can suggest disassembling her present (Creativity). Or picking the Nepal option (Smarts). The next gift if for the Coven and either pick Lore coupons (Smarts) or pizza coupons (Fun).

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For the 3rd task, either dress like Blobert (Creativity) or hire the FBI to spy on him (Bold). The choice is for Valerie so either pick a course in optical physics (Smarts) or a full e-commerce website (Creativity). Then go to prom alone.

6 Fourth Wall

Purchase Very Weird Drugs when it's available on Week 2's Morning and Lunch during a short play and Week 5's Morning and Lunch during a long play. Polly will take the drugs from you and become aware of reality. First, either suggest walking past the limits of reality (Bold) or turn off the game (Smart).

Then either convince Liam of the truth by telling him to raise his right hand (Creativity) or tell him to go to monster.pizza (Smarts). Finally, tell Laim, Polly, and Scott to either find a secret way out of the game (Creativity) or get help from the outside (Charm). Then go to prom with either Polly, Liam or Scott.

5 Caganer

Caganer is unlocked when you get a strange statue from The Gift That Keeps on Giving. Damien and Liam will catch you looking at it and Damien gets really invested in learning the truth behind it.

You can either suggest interrogation to find out more about the statue (Bold) or re-enact the scene the statue depicts (Creativity). Damien's obsession with the statue takes you, him and Liam to Barcelona where you can either check security tapes (Smarts) or go to Belen (Fun).

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Afterward, the 3 of you get into trouble and the only way out is to either use celebrities to divert attention away from the Caganer (Smarts) or make the strongest entertainment force in the world combing Garfield and K-Pop(Fun). Then go to prom with either Damien or Liam.

4 Fellow Student

First, complete Vera's Crime secret ending to make the Police Report available in the shop in Second Term. First, keep Scott from blabbing on Vera by either distracting him with a challenge (Creativity) or charm him into not picking a favorite crime of Vera's. Next, you determine what defines a millennial, picking either being blamed for ruining an industry (Smarts) or needing a hard to explain job (Creative).

When you have to convince Fellow Student to buy alcohol either say you'll need it for wounds (Bold) or that it will support a local small business (Charm). And to keep Vera out of jail either compliment Fellow Student on his hat (Fun) or remind him of the good times you spent together (Charm). Go to prom alone.

3 Identity

Identity is one of Zoe's secret endings that can be triggered randomly when playing her route. It starts with Zoe talking to Scott and Polly about how she feels more like herself as a high school girl than an eldritch god. But then Leonard comes in and insults Zoe. You can stand up for Zoe by either challenging him to a Pokeman duel (Fun) or point out his own hypocrisy (Smarts).

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The next event has the Wolf Pack asking Zoe why she changed and you can either explain it to them using a wolf analogy (Smart) or a blockbuster movie (Creativity). In the final event, you have to pick between charming Zoe's former cultists into thinking Z'Gord is trapped inside a totem, or introduce them to K-pop to leave Zoe (Fun). Then ask Zoe to Prom.

2 Prom King

This is one of Laima's Secret Endings that is triggered randomly. Help Miranda make Liam popular again by gaining him more followers on his Instagram with more risque posts (Fun), or pay 10 million homeless people to follow him (Money). Next, get him to run for Prom King by either impersonating him to give a speech (Charm) or pay 1 million people to vote for Liam.

Eventually, Liams figures out what you and Miranda are up to and to win him back either do a grand romantic gesture (Charm) or pay 1 million people to spell out "I'm Sorry"(Money). Then go to prom with Liam.

1 Narrator

The Narrator ending is unlocked once you've achieved every ending in the game. First sit at the Narrator's table at lunch, which is off-screen and can be reached by using the directional buttons. Then, agree to help him be like the other NPCs for a day.

Damien, Miranda, and Scott will try to get the Narrator to go back to his job but you can either launch a line of Narrator dolls (Creative) or encourage them to narrate one another's lives (Charming) instead. Next, you will have to give Polly advice on how to be a better Narrator by either adding sound effects (Fun) or be more like Dostoyevsky (Smarts).

Finally, you have to convince the Narrator to go to prom with you by suggesting things will be different this time (Smarts) or mention a fun after-prom activity you can do together (Charm). Then go to prom alone.

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