Monsters: 15 Realistic Pokémon That Are Super Cool

The world of Pokémon is vastly detailed and well-designed. Nintendo did not just create a series of Games when they introduced Pokémon, but an entire world for people to explore. Through the games, the anime, the manga, and the card games, generations of people around the world have fallen in love with Pokémon. Fans can sing the Poké-Rap from TV, list their favorite Pokémon by type, recite detailed stats and moves, and more, just because they love Pokémon so much. What every fan dreams of, though, is for the world of Pokémon to be real.

What would it entail for the world of Pokémon to be real, though? Sure, there would be some amazing changes. We could be Pokémon trainers, go on grand adventures, explore the Pokémon world. We could fly and surf on Pokémon, and their abilities could improve our lives in so many ways. What people might not consider, though, is what Pokémon would look like in the real world.

If Pokémon were real animals, they would not be the cute, cuddly, animated Pokémon we know and love. They would be big, or scary, or even deadly. Some artists have interpreted what Pokémon might look like as real animals, and the results are disturbing. Would you still want Pokémon to be real if the reality were these creepy monsters?

Probably not.

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15 The Mucus. Everywhere.

Via DeviantArt (Soupandbutter)/Pokemon.wikia.com

Artist Soupandbutter gives us one of the most terrifying versions of Lickitung in the wild. Lickitung is a sweet, bubblegum pink Pokémon with a long tongue. Lickitung is one of the original Generation 1 Pokémon, and is very recognizable, but not this terrifying version. Though Lickitung seems cute, especially when it is foiling the plans of Team Rocket with its uncontrollable tongue, the facts about Lickitung sound creepy when they are not associated with this cute Pokémon. Lickitung has a giant prehensile tongue, coated in saliva that can cause tingling, that might be attached to its tail (gross). This realistic interpretation of Lickitung captures its creepy appearance, while also giving it mammalian appearance and a deadly-looking tongue. This Lickitung seems much more threatening than a cute pink Pokémon with a long tongue.

14 A Jolt Of Terror

Via slightlywarped.com/Nerdist

Pikachu is one of the most iconic Pokémon in history. Pikachu is Ash's first Pokémon, and plays a big part in the early video games. This little yellow Pokémon is one of Nintendo's most iconic mascots, but that would surely not be the case if Pikachu was a giant, creepy electric monster. Pikachu packs a punch when it lets loose its electric powers, but usually it's just a cute Pokémon that follows Ash around. Pikachu's cuteness and sweet attitude make it even weirder to see Pikachu represented in a hyperrealistic, terrifying way, If the people of Pallet Town saw this version of Pikachu following a kid around, they would probably pick up torches and pitchforks. If this hulking, ugly Pikachu were the last Pokémon available when Ash went to get his starter, he probably would have run away from being a Pokémon Trainer forever.

13 A Deep Dark Shadow Under Water

VIa DeviantArt (ice-wolf-elemental)/pokemon.wikia.com

Gyarados, a flying and water type Pokémon, is one of the scarier Pokémon in existence. It even uses "Intimidate" to scare off enemies. Though Gyarados is a giant, powerful Pokémon, it never really shakes off the embarrassment of evolving from Magikarp. No matter how big or scary Gyarados gets, it will have always started out as a virtually useless orange splashing fish. This realistic version of Gyarados, from the artist ice-wolf-elemental on DeviantArt, is scary enough to make any trainer forget it evolved from a useless Magikarp. It takes more inspiration from realistic dragons. Having more than four teeth definitely ups the intimidation factor. This monster could eat an animated Gyrados, and it probably would. The real Gyarados wouldn't stand a chance at intimidating this realistic version of itself.

12 Living Tissue

Via DeviantArt (Mrredbutcher)/ pokemon.wikia.com

Ditto is weird. Everyone knows that. Ditto is the only Pokémon of its kind, and it can adapt to any fight. Similar to Kirby, but without the eating its enemies caveat, Ditto can mimic the appearance and powers of its opponents. What is Ditto, though, when it is not imitating another Pokémon? In the Pokémon world, regular Ditto is just a little pink smiling blob, ready to meet its next opponent and assume a different form. What is a Ditto inside though? What kind of organs does it have? How does it function? Artist MrRedButcher proves that these are questions that should never have been answered. This realistic version of Ditto has opaque skin, visible organs, and a gross, shapeless, slimey form. Whatever Ditto would look like in the real world, it's better left unknown.

11 And It Pulls You Under With It


Dugtrio is the evolved form of Diglett, a ground type first generation Pokémon. In the Anime and the Pokémon video game series, Dugtrio has a bit of an attitude, but it is not scary or weird. The creepiest Dugtrio ever gets is when it evolves into its Alolan variant. For some reason, the Alolan Dugtrio wears three little blond wigs, which is weird, but not as weird as this realistic version of what a Dugtrio might look like in the real world. Diglett and Dugtrio are ground-type Pokémon inspired by moles, so it makes sense that their realistic form would be inspired by moles, too. Three realistic mole-like creatures fused together is somehow much more terrifying than it sounds. Luckily, they are probably blind, so you might have a chance to run away.

10 Waddling In A Narrow Corridor

Via DeviantArt (Soupandbutter)/pokemonpets.com

To be fair, Wobbuffet is a pretty creepy Pokémon to being with. It is not very threatening, and in the Anime is used primarily as a joke. Wobbuffet can't even attack until it has been attacked by a different Pokémon, which means that two Wobbuffets battling is just an endless wait to see which will give up first. Some theorize that Wobbuffet's tail is the real brains behind the operastion, either because it is Wobbuffet's brain or because it is the Pokémon, and the large blue body is just a defensive distraction. Wobbuffet might be one of the weirder Pokémon, but this realistic interpretation is just scary. The only thing that could make it worse is if it was wearing the signature red lipstick of the female Wobbufet. That would make this strange psychic Pokémon the real stuff of nightmares.

9 A Specimen You Don't Want To Meet

Mr. Mime is another Pokémon that seems strange and unnatural. It is a humanoid-type psychic Pokémon, and it does not seem much like a Pokémon at all. It's humanoid features and clown-like appearance make Mr. Mime one of the naturally weirdest and creepiest Pokémon. Artist Soupandbutter makes it even scarier with this realistic interpretation of the Pokémon. Mr. Mime is a great pantomime, and develops the ability to create shapes in the air by solidifying water droplets with its fingerpads. This would be a horrifying power to see in the real world, especially if the invisible shapes were being generated by this awful amphibious monster. In the anime, Mr. Mime stays home and helps your mom with the house. Leaving this realistic Mr. Mime alone with your mother would be a nightmare.

8 The Skull Of Your Parents

Via EMGN.com/pokemon.wikia.com

Cubone is a Pokémon with a sad history. It was abandoned by its mother, and cries all the time. It is even listed in the Pokédex as a "lonely Pokémon." Where this sad story gets weird, is when you realize that the helmet Cubone wears all the time is actually its mother's skull. This still seems almost cute in the Pokémon world, because Cubone is so lonely and sad. if a real creature did this, though, it would be absolutely horrifying. Imagine a human child wearing its mother's skull— that's the stuff of nightmares. In this realistic rendering of a prehistoric Cubone, the sad story no longer seems cute at all. If this enormous monster, wearing the skull of its mother and carrying a bone weapon, started crying, it would be terrifying, not endearing.

7 Snapping Turtles — But Quick

DeviantArt (Twarda8)/bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net

Squirtle is one of the most beloved Pokémon of all time. This adorable turtle Pokémon is spunky, cute, and powerful. It also evolves into the awesome, intimidating Blastoise, which is an added benefit. However, this cute water Pokémon would be a weird real animal, as demonstrated here in a realistic interpretation from artist Twarda8. Squirtle would be a vaguely humanoid turtle monster in the real world, which is not nearly as cute and friendly as the animated version. Now, imagine this walking turtle evolving into a Blastoise, complete with realistic cannons and a gargantuan size. This realistic Squirtle would even be a scary member of the famous Squirtle Squad, if it was wearing tiny sunglasses. As this piece shows, even the cutest Pokémon can be terrifying in the right light.

6 What Nightmares Are Made Of

DeviantArt (VanLogan)/pokemon.wikia.com

Mewtwo is supposed to be intimidating, but he was not designed to be gross or scary. Mewtwo has a different origin than most Pokémon. As fans of the Anime know, Mew two is a Pokémon created by scientific experimentation, not natural evolution. Because of his scientific origins, Mewtwo does not evolve from or into a different Pokémon, though it does have two Mega Evolutions. Even those more intimidating evolutions are not as creepy as this realistic model from artist VanLogan. This artistic interpretation of a realistic Mewtwo is truly a scientific experiment gone wrong. Mewtwo's feline features are highlighted by sphinx-like features, but its bipedal form makes it seem more alien and humanoid than cat. Whatever scientist would create this Mewtwo definitely has some issues. Combined with Mewtwo's powerful psychic abilities, this realistic Mewtwo would be a monster.

5 Pollution Will Ruin Us

DeviantArt (JRCoffronIII)/pkmngowiki.com

This disturbing, realistic version of Weezing was created as part of a collaboration between two artists on DeviantArt, JRCoffronIII and StephenOakley. These two artists have a twisted view of the Pokémon world, and created one of the most terrifying versions of Weezing ever made. Weezing is a strange Pokémon, but not very scary. James has a Weezing in the Anime, but it is not very powerful. Weezing is an evolved form of Koffing, and the evolution is caused by a mutation and buildup of poisonous gas. When the actual origin of Weezing comes into play, it sounds pretty scary. There are very rare triplet Weezings, which would be even more creepy. Considering the rising rate of air pollution, if Weezing were a real animal, we would probably be overrun on Earth with these poisonous monsters.

4 Look Into Its Bottomless Eyes


Jigglypuff is famously adorable, but also a little dark. Jigglypuff love to sing and entertain, but their songs put people and Pokémon to sleep, which they don't appreciate from their chosen audience. The Jigglypuff, when angry, will draw on the faces of their sleeping audience in retaliation. It is also known as the balloon Pokémon, and can inflate its body. Overall, though, Jigglypuff still isn't that scary — until now. Artist Ian Parro Patino created this updated, realistic, and absolutely creepy version of Jigglypuff that will haunt all our nightmares. Obviously the updated version of the Jigglypuff is dubstep. The only way this could get more creepy is if it inflated its body like the animated Jigglypuff. Hopefully, we never have to encounter a DJ this creepy in the real world, and the Jigglypuff we know and love will keep singing its heart out in safety.

3 Two Limbs. It's Enough.

Via DeviantArt (JoshueDunlop)

Artist Joshua Dunlop is responsible for this disturbing version of what a real Geodude might look like. Geodude is a rock type Pokémon, one of the original 151 first generation Pokémon. Its physiology doesn't make a lot of sense; it has humanoid arms, but they are attached to a round head with no body, legs or nose. This realistic interpretation takes care of some of those questions, and depicts Geodude running on its fists like an ape. It's probably a difficult feat with two legs (arms?), but it still looks creepy and intimidating. Geodude in the wile are often angry because they are stepped on, mistaken for rocks and even occasionally accidentally loaded into a Rhyperior's cannon arms and shot across the tall grass like cannonballs. If this thing came running through the grass, there is no way anyone would step on it, they would be too busy running away.

2 Back And Forth... Forever.

Chimecho is not one of the most popular Pokémon in the Pokémon universe, but it is cute and does not seem scary at all, until this realistic version comes into play. In the Pokémon world, Chimecho is a smiling creature that is based on a wind chime, which is possibly the least terrifying inspiration for a Pokémon in the history of new Pokémon. It is a psychic Pokémon that picks berries with its tail, and the most threatening thing about it is the little yellow globular suction cup on top of its head. This realistic version, though, is much more threatening. It resembles a deep-sea monster, with opaque skin and creepy, disturbing anatomy. This is a Pokémon you wouldn't want to catch, and definitely a Pokémon you don't want to catch you.

1 Ready To Slice

Via DeviantArt (Vincent-Covielloart)/pokemon.wikia.com

Scyther, unlike many small, cute, cuddly Pokémon, is actually threatening in the Pokémon world. It does have knives for arms, after all. However, even in the Pokémon world, Scyther can be trained and won over with friendship by a good trainer. This realistic version of Scyther, though, does not look like it could ever be confined to a Pokéball. It looks like a deadly insect, but the size of a dinosaur. The damage an angry dino-Scyther could do with its razor sharp claws would be devastating int he real world. The realistic interpretation carries over Scyther's main features, like his razor-sharp claws, double wings, and green color, but it interprets the Pokémon as a more insectoid version of itself, complete with mantis-like features and mandibles that resemble dragon jaws. Luckily, Pokémon aren't usually this scary in the Pokémon world.

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