Mordhau Devs Apologize For Server Crash After Unexpectedly Popular Launch

Developers for the game Mordhau have apologized after servers were strained and players experienced lag and all but unplayable conditions. Triternion made the apology in a post directly to its Steam player base, promising to do better in the future.

Despite the initial problems of unstable servers, the game is still performing well, and currently moving between the top fifteen titles on Steam players the opportunity to engage in a multiplayer medieval slasher through violent, but consistently satisfying, hand-to-hand combat. It is easy to see how the game has reached such a popular position among Steam games in so little time.

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Unlike other Battle Royal games, Mordhau brings a feeling of anarchy and chaos as players run towards each other with melee combat as the primary form of engagement. With three slots to equip weapons or utilities, each with varying point-costs, players are given a wide range of weapons that feel different, despite mainly being made for melee combat. Do you prefer blunt or bladed weapons? Each offer different advantages, with blunt dealing more damage to armored opponents, and feels satisfying when you land a solid hit to inflict what must be terrible blunt force trauma on your opponent. Blade weapons, either sword and spearlike, deal more damage to light armored enemies, are often faster than their blunt counterparts, but require additional stamina to play when outnumbered.

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Ranged weapons are varied, but are not as threatening in their current form. Archery as a skill exists, but seems to be out of favor among players. Other common ranged weapons exist as throwing knives, axes, and oil pots that cause AoE damage. There are also significant tools that are fun to employ, such as Bear-traps in choke points or behind doors.

With server problems hopefully no longer an issue in the coming weeks, what lies in store for the future of Mordhau? One solid addition would be sophisticated team objectives in distinct maps. Comparable game Chivalry offered this in a few ways, as seen in the "Dark Forest" map, whereby the attacking team seeks to poison a village's water source, and the defenders work to prevent that from happening. It need not become a permanent feature either, much like Fortnite has themed events that come and go every few weeks, so too could the focus remain on a massive scramble for dominance among all players, while offering these other objective-based matches to keep things fresh. Assuming the developers are true to their word regarding keeping the servers running smoothly, Mordhau could have a long and prosperous future ahead of itself. If it cannot fix the most basic of server issues however, the player base will likely leave in frustration.

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