15 More Hidden Spoilers You Missed At The Start Of Games

Video games can be an expensive time-investment. There’s no worse feeling than finally picking up a game you’ve had on pre-order for months, only to be spoiled before you take the game out of the case. If it’s a multiplayer game, then you may not feel too bad. For single player, story-heavy games, spoilers can ruin the entire experience of the game.

After learning a valuable (expensive) lesson to avoid the internet until you’ve finished the game, you may discover that other gamers aren’t the only people who might spoil a game. Sometimes developers spoil the game during the intro or within the first few moments of gameplay. Publishers can be even worse about spoilers. Unless it's a company like Bethesda that both develops and publishes their games, these companies remain clueless about the game they're advertising. They may not know everything about the game’s story and advertise a character that was supposed to remain a secret until the end of the game.

We’ve previously covered fifteen games that spoil the game within minutes of playing. There are even more games that are guilty of ruining the story. Check out our last of fifteen more games that spoil the experience. Obviously, there are massive spoilers throughout, so if you haven’t been spoiled yet, you will be now.

15 Revealing Her Past Too Early

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Catherine is a puzzle game with adult themes released in 2011. The game focuses on Vincent Brooks and how he cheats on his girlfriend, Katherine, with a woman with a similar name, Catherine. For gamers who were interested in the soap-opera drama, they would have been spoiled on the game as soon as they opened the manual.

While waiting to see Catherine, Vincent will usually interact with the bar waitress, Erica Anderson. She's bubbly and confident and does her best to make the patrons happy. In the American and European versions of the game, they state the voice actress for the character. What's shocking is that they named her as "Eric Anderson (Erica)," ruining the big reveal about the character in the Katherine True Ending that Eric was her name before Male to Female surgery.

14 Spoiling The Sons Of Sparda

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Gamers who wanted to try out Capcom's Devil May Cry series were thrilled when an HD collection was announced. They wouldn't have to chase down all three games. Unfortunately, the intro to the game spoils important plot points to the game. Within the few moments of the opening, gamers will discover Arkham, the antagonist of the third sequel, taking Sparda's form. They'll be shocked when they see Vergil killing himself, though this scene is misleading and doesn't lead to his death. Gamers will also be spoiled to Dante's final line of the game, which is disappointing because the one-liners are often the best parts of the game that can be quoted for ages. The game is still worth playing for the action, but gamers who love to follow the story will be disappointed.

13 The Most Obvious Decoy Protagonist

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When Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was first released, gamers looked forward to playing as Solid Snake again. Fans were furious to learn they would take control of a new character named Raiden instead. Their anger wouldn't have to last long. One look at the game's manual would reveal that Raiden is only a decoy and not the real protagonist. If you rented or borrowed the game and didn't have the manual, the switch is also mentioned in the intro to the game. Many fans called Konami out on the apparent spoiler. In future re-releases, Konami tried to hide the twist but eventually gave up on keeping it a secret. The internet had already spread the information about Raiden not being the real protagonist.

12 Another Adventure Ruined By The Intro

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Sonic Adventure was the first main title in the series to feature full 3D gameplay. Though gamers were mostly excited about experiencing the 3D world on their Sega Dreamcast, many were intrigued by the story. Gamers could control one of six characters in the fight against Dr. Robotnik. It's a good thing there were some role-playing elements, as the game was spoiled immediately in the opening video. Sonic's final form after obtaining all seven Chaos Emeralds, which is never an easy feat, is shown. The video also shows the destruction of Station Square, which does not happen until the end of the game. With some of the best moments spoiled in the intro, it can be difficult to keep motivated to play the game.

11 Spoilers That Cross Through Parallel Dimensions

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Chrono Trigger spoiled important events within the opening of the game. It's sequel, Chrono Cross, continued to spoil the game within the intro. Many of the scenes from the end of the game are shown within the opening. Some moments are difficult to understand without playing the game, but it gives you insight on what happens. You'll witness Serge traveling to Terra Tower for an important battle. All six dragons will combine to become the Dragon God, which Serge and his friends must defeat to save the world. The intro also spoils that Serge is Lynx in the second parallel dimension. Though some players are aware of the body switching event, they'll be spoiled that Serge will be reborn in his original human body.

10 Her Fate Wasn't Very Deceptive

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Tecmo's Deception: Invitation to Darkness is an action game with a demonic storyline. As the innocent Prince of Zemekia, who was framed for killing his father, you must defend his castle. Players set traps to lure in and defeat their enemies. Princess Fiana was engaged to the Prince and headed to the castle to be with him. She is an important character to the prince, and the endings depend on her fate. In the best ending, she and the prince escape the castle to live happily ever ending. If Fiana is killed towards the end of the game, she could be revived. Her revival is spoiled in the game's manual. Fiana can be brought back to life, but only as a monster called She Death. Her description states "Fiana has returned as a zombie."

9 Spoiling An Unforgettable Quote

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Opening cinematics are placed in games to make you get excited. Often, they spoil critical plot elements to the game. If you don't care about storylines, then it's easily forgivable. NieR spoiled multiple plot points within the first few moments of the intro. You may not notice them until you've gotten further in the game, but sharp gamers will immediately notice these intro moments shouldn't play before the game starts.

Kainé's infamous quote, which combines a flurry of cursing and angry ranting like "Start making sense, you rotten book, or you're going to be sorry!" is spoiled, causing gamers to be let down when they hear it in the game. The game may have tried to be more enticing to gamers, but accidentally included huge spoilers.

8 Was It A Dream Or A Future Prophecy?

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Fire Emblem Awakening was one of the most popular RPGs to hit the Nintendo 3DS. The intro that plays at the start of the game has a spoiler that's easy to miss. Risen are appearing from a portal in the future. Among the creatures are the playable protagonist, Robin. The moment quickly passes but spoils the last half of the game. Another spoiler is contained within the first opening cinematic after you create your character. You'll see the final fight against Validar, one of the antagonist. Robin kills Chrom, a character who you spend the entire length of the game advising. The chances of the scene may seem like just a dream. Though Chrom's death is avoided in the future, you're still spoiled on an end-game moment.

7 Don't Need To Be A Detective To Discover These Clues

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Persona 4 was re-released twice. After the first release saw worldwide success, Atlus published a re-release in Persona 4 Golden, with an additional character named Marie. Many games who played the first release already know every twist in the storyline, though many wait for a final Collector's’ Edition before purchasing a game. These gamers would have been spoiled within the opening cinematics. You'll discover there is a third victim of serial killings. The intro gives away the final dungeon of the game, which ruins any build up on where your final battle might be. Fans of the Persona series will keep playing for the journey but newcomers to the series felt discouraged from continuing. Hopefully Atlus learned its lesson about sharing too much.

6 Showing Off An Important Attack Mode

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Hyperdimension Neptunia is a role-playing game featuring cute girls. Each girl represents a different CPU, and they're fighting in a Console War in the world of Gamindustri. It's a parody of console wars within the real world, but there is a storyline behind all the cute characters. The intro of the game spoils an important form of one of the main characters, Neptune, the humanoid version of the canceled Sega Neptune. While Neptune is on screen, a jet flies by her. When watching the scene, many just believe it's a flashy effect for the introduction. It turns out that the jet is a giant spoiler. Later in the game, Neptune transforms into that same fighter jet, which is her Final CPU Form ability.

5 Box Art Revealed Everything

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Before a new game in a popular series is released, companies will try to push out special editions of the game. These editions will often come packaged with toys and figures along with the game. The special edition of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker in the United Kingdom spoiled gamers on the events of the game without even having to open the box. On the box art is artwork from the final fight of the game. Gamers are also spoiled that Ganon has returned to the game in an antagonist role. It also spoils that Tetra is a "descendant" of Princess Zelda and helps Link defeat Ganon. Another scene on the box art is that ancient Hyrule is flooded. On the bright side, at least you'll know about the game content without having to spend your hard-earned money buying it first.

4 No One Asked For These Spoilers

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The Illuminati are an important faction within the Deux Ex series. Adam Jensen has to learn more about each of these groups, but the Illuminati is one of the most secretive. The intro does a poor job of masking their intentions. The opening intro reveals the plot within the first few moments of the game. The group wanted to use Picus to make residents suspicious of augmentations. They would go so far as to cause glitches in these enhancements to scare people. They then spoke about using Tai Yong Medical to create a monopoly on other augmentation companies. When that was secure, they would recall all chips and replace them with hardware that could be remotely controlled. For such a secretive group, they made their goals clear from the start.

3 Gotta Catch All These Reveals

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Pokémon has a habit of spoiling the game's plot in commercials and on the box art. The intros also feature spoilers that seasoned Pokémon trainers will recognize. During the intro of Pokémon Sun and Moon, you'll hear the cries from the legendary Pokémon on the title screen. The sound is similar to Lillie's Cosmog, making it obvious of her Pokémon's true nature. Another spoiler occurs after you create your character. During the first moments of gameplay, you'll discover the Aether Foundation. They usually act friendly but show their evil intent. Two of their employees are trying to capture Lillie, who acts kindly towards other characters. The Aether Foundation employees' smiles turn into growls, making it obvious that they're the game's antagonists.

2 Ruining The Game While It Installs

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Thief: Deadly Shadows was only released on the Xbox and PC. Gamers who purchased the game for Xbox didn't see the huge spoilers that occurred for PC users. During the rise of PC gaming in 2004, many games required you to install from a disc. Disc installation was before the easy one-click install digital downloads we're used to today.

Those who installed Thief: Deadly Shadows were in for a spoiler surprise before even starting up the game. While the game was installed, many of the file names like "gamalls_treachery_engl_none_30.bik", which contains a vital cutscene, spoiled content within the game. These file names popped up on screen as the content was moved to your computer. After the installation was done, players would know the events of the game without even playing it.

1 You Won't Spend Long Nights Figuring Out The Plot

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Neverwinter Nights 2 is a role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment. While gamers were excited to play an RPG by some of the same people who worked on Fallout 1 and 2, their experience was immediately spoiled. Within the opening, the game reveals the storyline within each of the three major acts of the game. You may not even realize it's a spoiler until you've finished the game.

Ammon Jerro, who you believe is a gentle mage, is seen fighting against the King of Shadows. He's using a mighty sword, similar to the final weapon in the game, the Silver Sword of Gith. The sword ends up breaking into several silver shards. These shards are what your character is hunting down and trying to learn more about during the game.

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