More Than A Damsel In Distress: 15 Awesome Things You Didn't Know About Princess Peach

Rescuing Princess Peach has been the main objective in Nintendo's Super Mario series for decades. The long battle against the Koopa threat ends once the Princess has been rescued from her castle. Princess Peach is more than a damsel-in-distress though, waiting for her plumber in red overalls to rescue her. The Princess may often find herself captures, but when she is free, she uses her time to rule her Mushroom Kingdom and win the hearts of her Mushroom people.

Princess Peach is often seen as helpless. Most gamers are unaware that she wields a strong fighting ability of her own. Her powers are not limited to jumping on the heads of her enemies, unlike her heroes. She has her arsenal of tricks and uses them when she needs to. The Princess has held her own in several Nintendo games. Just like the plumber brothers, Princess Peach has participated in countless go-kart races, sports battles, and even as a playable character to battle opponents in the Super Smash Bros. series.

While Princess Peach has a reputation as a helpless victim, Princess Peach is very powerful on her own. She is a powerful figure that should not be underestimated. Princess Peach understands her limits and is not afraid to ask for help when needed, but she is also able to handle herself with her intellect and fighting abilities. Check out our list on some amazing things you had no idea the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom could do.

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15 Her Castle Is Worth Billions

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Peach is a princess, so it's only natural she would reside in a castle. According to the real estate blog Movoto, her Super Mario 64 castle is more extravagant than most. By using the giant doors on the front of her castle as a reference, the square footage was calculated to give an accurate appraisal. Her house is 453,060 square footage, so a large piece of real estate would already bring up the value and Movato estimated it would sell for $950,972,940. The price was calculated according to location, size, and comparing other castles in the area. Princess Peach's castle has curb appeal, which would increase the overall value. If Peach finds herself to be desperate for cash, she could always sell her extravagant castle for a high amount of gold coin.

14 Relation To Other Princesses

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Peach is not the only Princess that exists in the Super Mario Bros. series. Since her debut in 1985, other Princesses have been born, such as Daisy and Rosalina. In the original Game Boy's Super Mario Land, the Princess at the end of the castle was named Daisy. Eventually, as confusion was setting in, Daisy was revealed to be a different person than Peach. Rosalina, Princess to the stars, made her debut in Super Mario Galaxy. Yoshiaki Koizumi, the game director for Super Mario Galaxy, stated in an interview that Rosalina and Peach were originally meant to be related. Unfortunately, this family development was removed from the game's story. The Princesses may not be directly related, but they are friends. The trio often teams up in Super Mario Bros. party games.

13 Once Possessed By A Demon

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Mario is often tasked with rescuing Princess Peach. However, in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, he had to face her in battle. One thousand years before the game's events, the Shadow Queen appeared. The Queen is a powerful demon who wields strong magic, though heroes were able to seal her away in the Palace of Shadows. The primary plot of the game is to stop the Shadow Queen from being resurrected. Unfortunately, Mario and his friends are unable to stop it. When she awakens again, the Shadow Queen quickly possesses Princess Peach. The Queen turns Peach from a pink wearing Princess into a much darker form. Fortunately, Mario and his friends were able to defeat the Shadow Queen with the power of the Crystal Stars. The Shadow Queen exited Peach's body and the Princess was saved.

12 Starred In Two Games

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Princess Peach is a main character in the Super Mario Bros. series, but often does not appear until the end or has a small role during the story. Super Princess Peach was the first game where she was able to shine and it debuted on the Nintendo DS in February 2006. With the powers of her magical umbrella Perry and her powers of emotion, Princess Peach set off to save Mario, Luigi, and the Toads from King Bowser. Princess Peach has to travel through Vibe Island to reach her kidnapped friends and face Bowser in battle. Princess Peach also starred in the sequel, Super Princess Peach II: Shaken Emotions, which was released in 2010 for the Wii. Once again, the Princess had to use her magical umbrella and her emotions battle Bowser to rescue Mario, Luigi, and the Toads.

11 Eight Voice Actresses

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For a character that has existed since the mid-1980s, it's not surprising that she has had a variety of voice actresses. Princess Peach has not only had a voice in the video games but also the cartoon series. Jeannie Elias and Tracey Moore first provided Princess Peach's voices in the cartoons based on the Super Mario Bros. series. Kathy Fitzgerald and Jocelyn Benford have only voiced her for a single game. Leslie Swan, Jen Taylor, and Nicole Mills have remained her voice actresses for several Super Mario Bros. titles on the Nintendo 64, GameCube and handheld console titles on the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS. Samantha Kelly provided Princess Peach's voice for several games until Jennifer Taylor took over the role. Taylor is now the longest running voice actress for the Princess. She also provides the voices for the female Toadettes and Birdos.

10 Had A Royal Fiancé

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Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! made its debut in 1986 and it was the first movie based on a video game. Mario is watching television when he sees Princess Peach. She is in trouble and trying to escape her enemies. Kibidango, a small dog, leads the brothers into the Mushroom Kingdom. The movie is similar to the games where Mario and Luigi must help rescue the Princess from Bowser. Not only must they rescue her, but they restore Kibidango to his true form, Prince Haru of the Flower Kingdom. After the reunion, the Prince tells the brothers he is betrothed to Princess Peach and it is their fate to marry. Having fallen in love with Peach, Mario is heartbroken by the news. He and Luigi return to their world.

9 Loosely Based Off Olive Oyl

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Fans originally believed that Pauline, the damsel-in-distress of the Donkey Kong series, was Princess Peach. In the late 1970s, Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to create a game that could be as successful as Pac-Man and he wanted to use the popular characters from the Popeye cartoon. Unable to obtain the license from King Features for the characters, he created characters based off of them. Bluto would become Donkey Kong, Olive Oyl as Lady and eventually Pauline, and Popeye as Jumpman. Pauline was first seen in a red dress, similar to Olive Oil and later in a pink dress, more closely resembling Princess Peach. In both versions, Pauline was a brunette, which resembled both Princess Peach's model in the original Super Mario Bros and Olive Oyl's dark locks of hair.

8 Worth Over $1.3 Billion

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Princess Peach has a giant, expensive castle, drives sports cars, and dresses in only the finest pink ball gowns. It's only natural she would be wealthy enough to support her lavish lifestyle. According to the Forbes article "Fictional 15," which was published in 2007, Princess Peach is the richest woman in the Mushroom Kingdom and almost all of gaming. She is an intelligent woman, having graduated from Toad's Finishing School for Girls, so she has invested her wealth wisely after she inherited most of her wealth from her parents. Her large castle's appraisal costs also have increased her total assets. Forbes also assumes she was once married to Mario and has gained a large portion of her wealth from the divorce. Of course, the article is fan speculation and is not confirmed by Nintendo.

7 Has Her Own Month


The month of August is not only a celebration of the peach fruit, as Nintendo of America announced on Twitter than August is also officially “National Princess Peach Month.” It is a North America-specific month in honor of Princess Peach. Unfortunately, no Princess Peach specific events were planned, but Nintendo of America started a hashtag "#PeachMonth." They requested fans reply all month with why they like Princess Peach. Fans commented how they liked her fearlessness and gentle personality and hoped she would grow to be more than a damsel in distress. Nintendo has always celebrated the Princess and so have her fans. Official Nintendo Magazine fans voted her one of the greatest female video game characters of all time. Nintendo has also released several themed-items, such as a Wii Remote Plus Controller and wired fight pad for the WiiU.

6 Learned How To Hover

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Princess Peach first showed off her hover ability in Super Mario Bros. 2 in the late 1980s. She was one of four playable characters along with Mario, Luigi, and Toad. Princess Peach was less powerful than her co-stars, but her hover ability was unique in the game, as hovering made it easier to avoid pitfalls and spikes. In later games, she still retained the ability to float. Her large dress may allow her the ability to hover in the air, thanks to video game physics. Not only can she use her dress alone to hover, but also using her umbrella, Perry, in the Super Princess Peach series. Where Princess Peach lacks in vertical jumps and physical strength, she makes up for her abilities to evade enemies by hovering away from their attacks.

5 Wields White Magic

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Ever wonder how Princess Peach remained such a bright light, even within the darkness of Bowser's dungeons? Blake Harris, the author of Console Wars, was able to answer these questions. He obtained a character guide from 1993 and shared the contents with his Twitter followers. Within the guide, Nintendo informed companies on how to use their popular characters. Princess Peach has white magic. Not only is this magic used to bring the people of her Mushroom Kingdom back to life, but it also has more practical uses. Princess Peach can use her white magic to keep her dress perfectly starched and wrinkle free. She is also able to keep her dress stain free, so no matter where she is held captive, her dress will remain perfectly clean.

4 Captured Over Twenty Times

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Mario and Luigi do their best to protect the Mushroom Kingdom. Not only do they work to help Princess Daisy and Princess Rosalina, but they must also ensure the safety of Princess Peach. Peach has a habit of getting herself captured by Bowser or members of the Koopa Troop. Although Princess Peach has appeared in several games of the Super Mario Bros. series, she is usually the victim of a kidnapping plot. She can hover and keep her gown clean, but, unfortunately, these powers are almost worthless when defending herself from angry lizards. When kidnapped, Mario and Luigi must drop their plans and rescue Princess Peach. Again. Perhaps she could use her large amount of wealth to guard her castle and herself better for moments when Mario and Luigi are preoccupied.

3 Went Through Name Changes

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As early as the Donkey Kong days, fans believed that Pauline was Princess Peach and Mario was Jumpman. Pauline may have been the first name Peach had until the Super Mario Bros. series began. However, her name was different in the Japanese and North American versions of the games. The blonde Princess was always known as Peach in Japan. Then, her name was changed in North America to Princess Toadstool for unknown reasons. Nintendo of America may have wanted to clarify her position as Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom by giving her more of an appropriate name. She kept the name Princess Toadstool until 1993, where she was referred to as Princess Peach in Yoshi's Safari. The name change was made concrete in Super Mario 64, where a letter is signed "Yours truly-- Princess Toadstool Peach."

2 Frequent Design Changes

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Princess Peach was always designed as a damsel-in-distress, but her character design has greatly evolved over the years. At first, her design was limited by the Nintendo technology but they have now grown to be more detailed. Princess Peach was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and she was always intended to be blonde, but her original design had her with dark hair and a white dress with red accents. Miyamoto was unhappy with her first designs, so he asked Japanese animator and character designer Yoichi Kotabe to create a new design. Miyamoto gave him creative instructions on how to develop Princess Peach, and to draw her as cute, but stubborn. Though Peach's clothing designs have changed over the years, she still retails her blonde hair, crown, and pink clothing theme.

1 Most Appearances By A Female Character

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Princess Peach is not only an iconic character for Nintendo, but in the world of video games. Since her debut in Super Mario Bros. in 1985, she has appeared in over 60 games and she was first available as a playable character in Super Mario Bros. 2. Since her playable debut in 1988, she has been a playable character in more than 40 Nintendo games. Though she's most commonly a kidnap victim, she also appears as an advisor and friend to Mario and Luigi. Princess Peach has appeared in more video games than any other female character. Her appearances are not only limited to video games though, as Peach has appeared in countless movies, tv shows, books, and comics. Although she is not the only Princess in the Super Mario Bros. series, Princess Peach is still the most well-known one.

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