Morgana Will Let You Stay Up Late In Persona 5: The Royal

One of the most complained about aspects of Persona 5 will be altered in Persona 5: The Royal. The player will have more options at night and won't be forced to go to bed by Morgana all of the time.

In Persona 5, the player is expected to manage Joker's schedule outside of his activities with the Phantom Thieves. One of the most frustrating aspects of this part of the game involves Morgana, who takes on the form of a black and white cat in the real world. There are lots of times when Joker is unable to leave his bedroom at night because Morgana won't let him go. The reason for this is usually related to the plot in some way, but there is still no reason why Joker shouldn't be able to go out if he wants to. Morgana is a cat in the real world and lacks any of his incredible powers that are gifted by his Persona. Joker could easily just ignore Morgana and go out partying for the night.

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It seems that Morgana won't be as tyrannical about bedtime in Persona 5: The Royal, as a new update related to the game on Twitter has confirmed that the player won't be forced to go to bed as often as they were in Persona 5. The player will have the option to perform actions during the nights when they were forced to go sleep, including studying and watching DVDs.

The limited schedule of Persona 5 made Morgana's attitude towards Joker's nocturnal activities annoying, especially to players who wanted to win every achievement as soon as possible. It was also annoying to those who just wanted to head out and sell some loot from Mementos or a Palace, as there were occasions where the player had to wait days in order to do some basic housekeeping with their gear.

Morgana's bullish nature quickly became a popular meme associated with Persona 5, to the point where his voice actor (Cassandra Lee Morris) read Go the F**k to sleep on her YouTube channel. The Morgana memes were fun, but many Persona 5 fans would rather have all of those wasted nights back.

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