Morphies Law Is Trying Really Hard To Make A Comeback With 'Fartnight'

Morphies Law

Morphies Law has relaunched in Remorphed form, hoping to shed its poor initial reception while also debuting a truly unique new demo.

A couple of weeks ago, it was found out that Morphies Law was going back to the drawing board before re-releasing on the Nintendo Switch. The early access PC version of the game was marred with issues, including unstable controls, a general lack of content, and, worst of all, connectivity and network issues. Morphies Law is ostensibly an online shooter, so the lack of a stable connection to the game servers meant that there were a lot of frustrated players.

And that's a shame because Morphies Law has some really neat ideas. The whole game revolves around a very novel mechanic: as you shoot your opponents, you grow and they shrink. This also works in reverse, as getting shot causes you to shrink and your opponent to grow.

This means the whole game is self-correcting. If a player starts to dominate in a match he becomes an incredibly easy-to-hit target, while players having a rough time become these tiny insects that are virtually impossible to aim at.

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You control a "Morphie", which is a robot that carries a distinct Day of the Dead vibe. Each Morphie is composed of 8 parts that can grow and shrink independently, so you'll wind up looking pretty weird as you play each round. Each Morphie can be further customized with hats and accessories and various other bits too.

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Relaunching on the Switch earlier this week brought a host of improvements to Morphies Law, including 8 different maps, 4 different game modes, an offline mode, 77 different weapon combinations, and an overhaul to the Morphie’s abilities. Best of all, Morphies Law now has dedicated servers around the world that can handle up to 50,000 concurrent players, which should eliminate the game's connectivity issues.

However, it’s a tough sell getting people to try your game again after a disastrous launch. So as to sweeten the deal, Morphies Law is offering an interesting take on the free demo. In order to try out the demo, players can now download and play the full game for free (with a few minor restrictions), but after 30 minutes the entire game’s soundtrack gets replaced by fart sounds.

They call it Fartnight. This is an obvious dig at Fortnite, but it is also a welcome one.

After that 30-minute point, you can purchase tokens to bring back the regular sounds and also unlock more of the game, eventually unlocking all of it to play without the flatulence. Or, if you prefer the sounds of flatulence, Morphies Law is still available to play for free.

Morphies Law: Remorphed is available now on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, while the free Fartnight demo is limited to the PC release.

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