• There appears to be one player on the PlayStation 4 who consistently attacking his opponents with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS) to take the top rank in the game 1 / 9

  • PlayStation 4 players have been reporting that over the past month, a single player has been using these DDoS attacks to force a disconnect from a ranked match 2 / 9

  • Inside the game this causes the disconnecting player to lose points in ranked mode 3 / 9

  • The attacker meanwhile gains points, as it appears like a disconnect voctory 4 / 9

  • It is worrisome to see that there is not already some mechanism in place to catch this kind of behavior 5 / 9

  • . We are not speaking of a small indie company strapped for resources in making their first online game 6 / 9

  • . NetherRealm has been around the block a few times with Mortal Kombat, and surely there must be someone within the organization in charge of this 7 / 9

  • Due to how simple it is to perform something like a DDoS, we sincerely hope that NetherRealm puts resources into monitoring this manner of abuse 8 / 9

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