Mortal Kombat 11 Finally Reveals Terminator And Joker As DLC

After months of rumors, Mortal Kombat 11 has finally revealed the identities of the remaining two Kombat Pack DLC characters.

Terminator, Joker

Mortal Kombat 11 as finally revealed the full roster for the first Kombat Pack, with Joker and The Terminator as the two remaining mystery DLC characters.

It’s been several months since the Kombat Pack was first announced. We first got Shang Tsung in his classic 1995 movie form, who was well received by Mortal Kombat 11 fans. Then we got Nightwolf, a classic Mortal Kombat 3 character and a Native American icon. Sindel and Spawn were also confirmed, but that left two characters still unaccounted for.

Months of speculation, rumors, and leaks pointed at several possibilities. At the end of the most recent trailer were splattered blood and chainsaw sounds that led many to believe either Ash from the Evil Dead series would be a character or the Doomguy from Bethesda’s hit shooter. While either of those would have been great, fans are likely to still be quite pleased with the guy who did show up.

The rumors were dead-on about The Terminator though.

Yes, the final two DLC characters are The Joker of DC Comics fame, and The Terminator of… well, Terminator fame. For whatever reason, The Joker looks oddly pretty in his Mortal Kombat incarnation, which seems to be at odds with his deadly demonic clown persona. The Terminator, meanwhile, is the spitting image of Arnold Schwarzeneggar as he’ll appear in his upcoming movie, Terminator: Dark Fate.

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Mr. T-800 will arrive on Oct 8th, which is just in time for Mortal Kombat to tie-in with Dark Fate’s arrival in theatres on October 23rd. Sindel will come next on November 26th a month later, which will surely depress folks who have been looking forward to the witch’s return.

The Joker arrives on January 28th, which means he’ll be way too late to tie-in with his movie of the same name, arriving October 4th. Mortal Kombat’s Joker doesn’t look anything like Joaquin Phoenix, so we’re guessing that NetherRealm is basing this design off an upcoming Injustice sequel.

Spawn fans will be the most disappointed. The Hellspawn doesn’t arrive in MK11 until March 17, 2020. That’s a long time to wait, but if you get the Kombat Pack you’ll at least be able to play him on release day and not have to wait a week like everyone else.

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