Mortal Kombat 11: Ed Boon Says The $6440 Story Is 'Complete BS'

MK11 Raiden

Ed Boon says that the story circulating on social media that it takes $6,440 to unlock every skin in Mortal Kombat 11 is “complete BS.”

Mortal Kombat 11 is here, and while everyone is quite happy with the bloody violence the game provides, not everyone is impressed with the game’s economics.

Specifically, one Redditor calculated how much it would cost to purchase every character’s skin with zero grinding of in-game currency. According to AccomplishedPoet8, it would cost $6,440 real-world dollars to purchase everything assuming that player diligently returns to the store every time it refreshes.

That’s a lot. As one Redditor commented, that’s more than Dead or Alive 5 at $1300ish for every cosmetic item.

It didn’t take long for NetherRealm Studios director Ed Boon to chime in on Twitter to call the story “complete BS.”

MK 11 Koins
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“Where do these people get their information?” Boon wrote. “The VAST VAST majority of MK11 skins are NOT for sale. That's not how @NetherRealm make games. You have to EARN them IN GAME!”

And Boon is right. Skins rotate in and out of the store six at a time, preventing any player from spending that much at once. The store rotates its stock every 19 hours, which means that most players will have played the game enough to be able to purchase the skins they want for free using in-game currency.


Community manager Tyler Lansdown also responded to the controversy in the latest Kombat Kast, explaining that the system was designed to reward players for playing and not those that simply spend a lot of cash. He also reiterated that only cosmetic items and Time Krystals are available for purchase with real-world money and anything that causes an in-game effect can only be purchased for Koins, Heats, or Souls.

MK 11 Krypt
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Lansdown also addressed a common early complained with MK11, and that’s the Towers of Time difficulty.

“At launch, the difficulty in the Towers of Time was too high, and people felt it was unfair,” wrote Lansdown. “And unfortunately, that made the process of earning rewards through the Krypt seem punishingly slow.”

A patch will be coming either this week or early next week which will fix the Towers of Time’s difficulty. In addition, every player will receive a gift of 500,000 Koins, 500 hearts, as well as “other items to give everyone a quick early boost.”


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