Mortal Kombat 11: The 10 Craziest Fatalities, Ranked

When Mortal Kombat first came out in 1992, its then-unprecedented level of violent content became a topic of intense debate, contributing in no small part to the genesis of the ESRB rating system and video game censorship in general. This was all largely thanks to its over the top "Fatality" moves, which allowed players to dismember their defeated opponents in a shower of playfully pixelated gore and viscera.

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Needless to say, if those same censors saw some of the fatalities featured in Mortal Kombat 11, they'd be even more outraged, and fans of the franchise wouldn't have it any other way. Here are the ten most ludicrous Fatalities featured in the series' latest carnival of barely-condonable carnage.

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10 I <3 U (Cassie Cage)

Cassie Cage truly is her father's daughter, and if any evidence is required to support that claim, look no further than this savagely silly take-down.

After actually shadow kicking the beating heart out of her opponent's chest, Cassie somehow manages to force her hands in between her opponent's chest and replace it with her own "heart hands," which is equal parts adorable and horrifying. It's a prime selfie opportunity, if nothing else.

9 Frozen In Time (Sub-Zero)

The icy blue half of Mortal Kombat's definitive on-again-off-again ninja rivalry definitely brought his own set of disgustingly awesome toys to the party, but this is the one likely to get the most mileage.

After whipping up an impressively narcissistic ice sculpture of himself clasping an oversized skewer, Sub-Zero shoves his opponent onto the pointy end, then rips their head clean off and spears it onto the sculpture for good measure, managing to create the world's most fabulously unappetizing and undercooked kebab.

8 Chain Reaction (Scorpion)

It wouldn't be a Mortal Kombat article if Scorpion weren't mentioned at least once, as the unreasonably angsty yellow ninja is practically the poster boy of the series. While his Fatalities tend to be pretty straightforward, they're almost always visually stunning.

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Take Chain Reaction, during which Scorpion embeds his famed spear into his opponent, and with some NetherRealm-assisted acrobatics, manages to wrap it around them and basically pull them in half as the glowing hot chain melts through their fleshy bits like so much butter.

7 Kat Food (Kotal Kahn)

Also known as the "cat lady's revenge" (don't Google that), Kotal Kahn ensures that feline enthusiasts among Mortal Kombat's fan base have their own go-to gore fest when it comes to finishing off their beaten opponents.

Kotal actually morphs into a savage panther-like big cat and pounces onto the opponent, proceeding to hungrily chow down on their face. This is what happens when the family cat gets a little too used to wet food.

6 Bloody Mess (Skarlet)

If you can somehow manage to visualize a person actually being stabbed with their own blood, chances are you still won't be able to do the concept any justice. But you can always check out this totally ridiculous fatality by Skarlet to see how close they managed to get.

Since stabbing her opponent with their own blood is precisely what this fatality entails, there's actually little else to say on the topic. She pulls the blood out of her opponent, and utilizing her command of blood magic, proceeds to liberally shank them to death with it.

5 Last Dance (Kano)

If anyone was struck with the impression that the rude and crude Aussie with an attitude wasn't a man of culture, it's time to think again. Kano's actually got a fondness for the art of ballroom dancing, and the man's certainly got some killer moves.

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After refreshing himself with a nice lager that is most definitely not Foster's, Kano breaks the bottle and sticks it into his opponent's jugular. That bit's certainly a little less than refined, but afterwards he sweeps his opponent's limp body into his arms and engages in a stunning dance routine. What a fun date!

4 To The Choppa (Sonya Blade)

When someone says "over the top," few take the concept as literally as Sonya Blade, as she clearly thinks in terms of altitude rather than a generically implausible concept. Though, really, this fatality satisfies both definitions pretty well.

After beating the absolute tar out of her opponent, Sonya uses her wrist-mounted weaponry to push her opponent upwards into the spinning rotors of a hovering helicopter, slicing them into bits.

3 Food For Thought (Baraka)

Sometimes, after managing to win a brutal fight, nothing hits the spot like a nice, paleo-friendly snack to get through the rest of the day. Baraka happens to have a convenient, no-frills solution to take care of the post-fight munchies.

After all, there's a delicious (and presumably well tenderized) pile of protein right there for the taking! After cracking his opponent's skull like an egg and peeling away... well, the entirety of their face, Baraka spears their brain onto one of his arm blades and takes a big ol' bite out of it. Delicious.

2 New Species (D'vorah)

Considering this list is absolutely riddled with dictionary-quality examples of body horror, it should be telling that this one nearly took the cake. It's definitely advisable to avoid checking this one out before, after, or really anywhere near lunch time.

After vomiting a bunch of her larval insectoid babies down her opponent's throat, D'vorah just steps back and allows nature to take its course as one of them grows to maturity within the span of a few seconds, bursting out of the opponent's body and wearing them like some sort of awful skin jacket for bug babies. Yikes.

1 Mr. Cage's Neighborhood (Johnny Cage)

Being honest, all of Johnny Cage's fatalities are as utterly ridiculous as the man himself is, but this one is so conceptually bizarre and fitting to his character that it absolutely belongs here.

After tearing his opponent in half, Johnny Cage rams his arm into his opponent's gaping torso and proceeds to actually use them as a hand puppet. If that wasn't enough, he proceeds to perform a cheesy stand-up routine, telling a randomly selected dad joke to an unseen audience that proceeds to pelt his newly fashioned puppet with tomatoes.

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