Lucky 13: Mortal Kombat 11 Leak Suggests Plenty Of DLC Fighters Are On Their Way

Anticipation continues to build for NetherRealm’s latest, Mortal Kombat 11, which only has one more week until its official release. Although roster leaks and confirmations continue to pour out, we still don’t know much about the DLC that will be coming our way following the game’s release, other than the fact that we’ll be getting at least six additional characters.

However, we may have a bit more insight, according to Twitter user @NWPlayer123, who discovered a placeholder for 13 DLC characters hidden with the game’s data files, noting a December 31st release.

The discovery comes from Mortal Kombat 11’s Premium Edition bundle on the Nintendo Switch, but it is hard to imagine that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One files would contain anything outlandishly different. It wouldn’t be surprising for there to eventually be console-exclusive DLC characters, since that has been the case for Mortal Kombat games in the past, but the number of DLC characters would likely be the same.

Thirteen DLC fighters would be a significant step up from the previous games in the series, which had five (Mortal Kombat 2011) and nine (Mortal Kombat X) DLC characters.

We already know that Shang Tsung - voiced by the same actor who played him in the 1995 live-action movie - will be joining the fray as the game’s first DLC character. Shao Kahn will also be available as a playable character to those who pre-ordered the game. Other than that, it’s left up to us to speculate who will be eventually added to the playable roster.

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As of the time of this writing (and excluding Shang Tsung), 21 of 28 fighters have been confirmed. Some of the more notable fan-favorite characters missing from the roster include Mileena, Reptile, Kenshi, Quan Chi, Bo’ Rai Cho, and Triborg (or some other combination of the Cyrax, Sektor, and Smoke trio).

There may be continuity issues within some of the aforementioned characters, but let’s be honest: given Mortal Kombat 11’s time-travel-based storyline that will bring in characters from across the entire franchise’s timeline, it’s safe to say that formally defeated (or deceased) characters will be fair game for DLC characters.

We’re all for it, as long as NetherRealm stays true to its word about Scooby-Doo’s Shaggy not being included in the game in any capacity.

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