Mortal Kombat 11 Nerfs Scorpion's Teleport

The upcoming balance update to Mortal Kombat 11 brings an end to the spamming of Hell Portals by Scorpion players, and will severely punish those who persist in their attempts to overuse the ability. When the update rolls out, Hell Port and (Air) Hell Port will register as high attacks, whereas now they register as mid attacks.

The change is subtle but should fundamentally shift the popularity of the character downwards. Until now, it was safe to teleport often, especially at low ranks. As a mid attack it would hit players that were ducking, forcing them to block the attack and then leave them only the option of only countering with a fast start up poke. Now players will be able to duck and uppercut Scorpion players who overuse their teleport, and often will take krushing blow damage as the hit should always register as a counter.

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While the first hit has been moved to a high attack, players should still keep in mind that an amplified Hell Portal will provide a second hit that still registers in the mid attack area. This, however, requires one offensive bar and should not be a primary concern.

Until now, spamming teleports has been far too safe. Now the teleport will only be worth using in controlled situations. This can be when attacking and then canceling into a teleport, or to punish players who are spamming projectiles in an attempt to keep you at range.

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In the coming days once the patch goes live, Scorpion players who do not read patch notes are sure to be in for a rough and confusing experience as their formerly trusty teleport is suddenly sending them flying away in a world of pain.

With that in mind, those still playing the character in a few weeks are likely the most dedicated of Scorpion fans, so watch out for those who have adapted and can still make use of his toolkit. The character has been and remains the poster-child for the Mortal Kombat series, and there are more than enough old-school fans who will continue to use him as a main fighter regardless of balance changes.

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As mentioned, this change is likely to have a positive effect in online matches, since players should now have an incentive to move onto new characters. Several characters have received slight buffs to the recovery of their attacks in an effort to make them more viable in the competitive scene, and so this is the perfect time to branch out into different fighters.

If you are looking for a character that has received a recent buff, check out D’Vorah, Frost, Jade, Kano, or Shao Khan! Some of these have received buffs to their hit points, others to their attack recover or start up frame animations, or something in between. Although it is mainly the pros who will benefit from most of these small changes, this is still the optimal time to be learning a new fighter.

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