Mortal Kombat 11 Season of Sorcery: Every Reward, Skin, And Quest

The newest Kombat League season is now live in Mortal Kombat 11, and players can jump in to fight for some great looking new skins.

The newest Kombat League season is now live in Mortal Kombat 11, and players can jump in to fight for some great looking new skins. The fifth season of play is themed after the Sorcerers of Mortal Kombat, and each reward looks fantastic and will be well worth the effort to climbed the ranked ladder.


Seasonal Challenges

As with each new season, the Seasonal Challenges provide a range of rewards that encourage players to try out the online Kompetitive format mode in the game. The best part of each season of the Kombat League is that most players can access most of the rewards offered. Only a few rewards will be locked behind the highest ranks of ladder play.

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The Season of Sorcery challenges and rewards are as follows:

  • Daily Challenge – Complete 5 Kombat League sets a day – Reward: 50 Time Krystals Daily
  • Challenge: Connect 10 Fatal Blows – Reward: Brutality, Kabal, Can’t Breathe
  • Challenge: Connect 25 Throws - Reward: Gear, Noob Saibot, Demonic Conspirator
  • Challenge: Complete 10 Ranked Daily Challenges - Reward: Gear, Kabal, Partner in Crime
  • Challenge: Complete 15 Kombat League Sets - Reward: Brutality, Kabal, Straight Cut
  • Challenge: Spill 10,000 Pints of Blood - Reward: Gear – Gear, Kano, Kano Kannon 6-5000
  • Challenge: Complete all Season Challenges - Reward: Skin, Baraka, Wastelands Demon

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Rank Rewards

Veterans of ranked mode will already know that reaching the highest level of rewards is a mix of time and skill. Being a great player is unfortunately not enough, and getting to the top three rank levels requires a commitment to the grind. As always there is little risk involved with trying to reach a new rank, as players will always receive the top tier rewards for the level they have reached, not for the level they complete the season at. This means that players should go all in to place as high as they can on the ladder, knowing that the prize might be an additional tier of unlockable rewards with nothing to lose in the attempt.

  • Apprentice Rank: Unlock a skin for Kabal, “Night Racer”, 100,000 Koins, Gear – Jacqui Briggs – Left Brat-Tat-Tats
  • Kombatant Rank: 500 Soul Fragments, Gear – Frost, Pressure Chiller
  • Warrior Rank: 250 Hearts, Gear – Kotal Khan, Osh-Tekk War God Talisman
  • Champion Rank: Unlock a skin for Kano, “Dark Disguise”, 100 Time Krystals, Gear – Cetrion – Ching Shih
  • Master Rank: 200 Time Krystals, Gear –D’Vorah, Stiletto-Legged Horntails
  • Grand Master Rank: 300 Time Krystals, Gear – Johnny Cage, Motivational Uppercuts
  • Demi-God Rank: Unlock a skin for Cetrion, “Shinnok’s Twin”, 500 Time Krystals, Gear – Geras, Progressive Age of Outworld
  • God Rank: 1,000 Time Krystals, Gear – Sonya, Alpha Charlie
  • Elder God Rank: 2,000 Time Krystals, Gear – Cassie Cage, Blam Blam Bigelow

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The Most Balanced Play Since The Launch Of The Game

Compared to all the previous seasons of the Kombat League, now might be the best time to jump in as either a newer or veteran player thanks to the long-term process of balancing fighters in the game. The first two seasons were largely dominated by expert Cassie, Geras, Scorpion, and Cetrion play. With the most recent balance updates, we have seen the rise of Frost, Jax Briggs, Nightwolf, The Terminator, and others. Relatively speaking, the roster of fighters is far more balanced now than ever before, meaning that one can choose from almost any character and find success with some practice.

Sindel Will Be Arriving Soon

Although the official arrival date for Sindel has not yet been announced, Ed Boon has been dropping his trademark hints on Twitter, so it would be feasible to expect her to arrive in the next month or so. Sindel has been garnering hype for months now since the official announcement was made and she was shown with a Revenant skin, but gameplay and moves have yet to be revealed so it is not clear how she may impact the meta for the game.

As always, we wish all the Kombatants the best of luck in this new season of the Kombat League!

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