Mortal Kombat 11 Has At Least One Secret Stage Fatality

Did you think that Mortal Kombat 11 didn’t have any more deliciously violent secrets to be found? Well, it looks as though we’re just getting started. Secret stage fatalities are confirmed to be in the game.

Fatalities in a Mortal Kombat game are nothing new, of course. They’re the grim, grisly, skull-smashingly horrible foundation upon which the franchise is built. This is what sets Mortal Kombat apart from its fighting genre brethren: most of the time, only one of the fighters are leaving the arena with all of their limbs attached.

This is not a franchise for the faint-hearted (even if Disney’s family-friendly sensation Frozen does seem to exist in the Mortal Kombat world). The team must have a heck of a time creating each character’s new fatalities and deciding which classic ones have to be kept around. They’re a major draw, even if players do tend to skip them after they’ve seen them a couple of times.

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Still, the latest installment has been out in the wild for a few weeks now. Dedicated players have probably found their mains, gotten themselves some decent rewards from the newly-patched Krypt and, most importantly, seen all the grisly fatality animations the game has to offer. Right?

Via: Reddit (Jonacyde)

Well, you may think you have, but Mortal Kombat 11 still has some secrets up its sleeve. An enterprising Reddit user by the name of Jonacyde was battling it out on the Special Forces Desert Command stage, when they ended a round in fantastic fashion: a Stage Fatality (or, to be technical, a Brutality) most players didn’t really know existed.

On the face of it, the animation is a little generic. It’s a simple throw of a skull that happens to be in the background of the stage, which lodges itself on the stricken enemy’s head. Yes, they totter around for a moment and it’s pretty darn funny, but it’s not exactly ground-breaking.

The best thing about this discovery, though, is the fact that there are potentially more hidden Stage Fatalities waiting to be found. It’s very likely, in fact, with NetherRealm’s penchant for grisly violence and dark humor. Next time you see something sharp and vicious hanging in the background of a stage (which is always), why not try and find a way to activate it?

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