Mortal Kombat 11: 10 Unlisted Secret Moves, Revealed

It’s become common in fighting games like Mortal Kombat 11 to have secret moves, techniques, or combo effects in the game that aren’t readily noticeable or apparent in the beginning of the game. These interesting Easter eggs can provide the experts who find them with clever advantages they can use to get ahead in competitive gameplay.

While there are likely more secrets to be found in this game as new characters are added and fans continue experimenting with the game, there are a few that have already been discovered and dispersed among the fanbase.

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10 Ignited Bag Bomb

The Bag Bomb is a useful ranged attack that allows the Kollector to toss a green bomb at opponents that explodes on impact. He also has the ability to toss a Vial Of Sorrows at an opponent that will ignite the area with a green flame that does damage over time to any opponent that stays in those flames.

What’s interesting is that these two attacks can be combined to create a powerful upward attack to begin or end a combo. After igniting an area with Vial Of Sorrow if the player tosses down a Bag Bomb in those flames it will create a powerful explosion that knocks the opponent into the air.

9 Canceled Bola

This one is more of a clever exploit that allows the player to attack the enemy faster after hitting them with a Damned Bola. Typically, when the Kollector throws his Damned Bola it strikes the opponent and then he holds his fiery fist out and the opponent catches flame for a moment.

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The trick is to throw the bola right before you’re about to get hit by a projectile. The Damned Bola will still strike the opponent, but the enemy’s projectile strike will cancel out the fist animation. If it’s a weak projectile you can recover quickly and get a strike in before the enemy is freed from the Bola. You also save your meter while still getting the amplified attack.

8 Mercy

This is an interesting game mechanic that fans discovered. If you’ve won two rounds in a row and you get the Finish Him/Her text, instead of performing a killing strike like a Brutality or a Fatality you can instead perform a Mercy.

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To do it hold the stance button and press down three times. When you release the stance button your character will perform a unique animation, Mercy will flash across the screen in gold and your opponent will recover some of their health. It’s a great way to demoralize an opponent by giving them a shot at redemption through a Mercy only to crush them yet again.

7 Fake Bloodport

Skarlet has a helpful ability that allows her to teleport anywhere on the screen. One minute she’s some distance from her opponent and the next she’s teleported behind them to begin a combo attack. Expert players have learned to anticipate where she’s going to be and will begin attacking or dodging as soon as they see Skarlet start her Bloodport animation.

It turns out there’s one spot on the screen that fans didn’t know Skarlet could teleport to, the exact same spot she teleported from. If you hold down while performing a Bloodport Skarlet will flash to the exact same spot without moving. This can be a great way to trick opponents into turning their back thinking you'll be ambushing them from behind.

6 Clone Brutality

One of Shang Tsung’s most interesting abilities is the power to transform into his opponents and fight using their powers for a time. It’s a great way to take opponents off guard and shake up fighting tactics mid fight.

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What fans quickly discovered is that if they have the enemy character’s Brutalities unlocked prior to the fight then they can use that character’s Brutality to finish off their opponent. It’s not exactly helpful in winning fights, but it can be a bit demoralizing for your enemies to watch their character die via a Brutality they intended for you.

5 Truly Locked & Loaded

Erron Black’s Locked & Loaded is really deadly in the right hands. It allows players to fire eight bullets in quick succession either standing or crouching. It’s a great ranged maneuver and can keep your enemy on their toes as they wont know if you’re attacking high or low and makes it harder to dodge.

Fans have discovered a neat trick that allows them to stay in the Locked & Loaded stance after firing eight bullets. While in the stance the player simply needs to hold the up button and Erron Black will return to that position after each attack.

4 Jaguar Takedown

Kotal Kahn has the unique power granted by his headpiece to turn into a jaguar and maul his opponents. What fans have recently figured out is this jaguar form can be combined with another attack to start an unstoppable combo.

The player needs to turn into a jaguar and then perform an Air Takedown. As a jaguar Kotal Kahn will leap on the opponent and deal a devastating strike that also knocks the opponent to the ground. What’s interesting about this technique is that it amplifies the Air Takedown and Kotal Kahn becomes impervious to projectiles.

3 Chemical Cocktail

Kano has two techniques that are moderately useful on their own, but deadly when combined. The first is Chemical Burn that sprays the enemy down with chemicals that damage over time. The other is a Molotov Cocktail which ignites an area and catches the enemy on fire if they get too close.

For this combination attack players must spray down an opponent with Chemical Burn and then follow up with a Molotov Cocktail. The Molotov will ignite the chemicals and deal a powerful explosion that staggers the opponent for a second.

2 Vege-Mighty Armor Ball

This is a combination of moves that have great synergy and act as a great anti-air attack. Basically Kano needs to perform his Vege-Mighty move and then perform the Black Dragon Ball maneuver. This provides Kano with armor to make him impervious to projectiles which is often how this move is canceled by opponents.

To perform the anti-air version simply do the same steps of powering up with Vege-Mighty and then after performing the Black Dragon Ball move hold up and the ball will curve upward to strike opponents.

1 Bio-Magnetic Pull Cancel

This technique requires a little more timing and an eye for an opportunity to use but it can be very handy. If Kano is performing a move like his knife throw he can use Bio-Magnetic Pull to special cancel the move and pull his opponent to him.

This means you can throw a knife at the opponent, cancel the move as soon as it hits by dragging the opponent close to you where you can unleash a devastating combo. It’s a great way to control the opponent and because it’s a special cancel it doesn’t advertise making it very hard to react to.

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