Joel McHale And Dexter's Jennifer Carpenter To Star In Mortal Kombat Animated Movie

Mortal Kombat will be returning to cinemas soon in an animated movie, voiced by Joel McHale and Jennifer Carpenter.

Mortal Kombat will be returning to cinemas soon in an animated movie, voiced by Joel McHale and Jennifer Carpenter.

Yesterday, fans were abuzz with new revelations surrounding the release of the upcoming Mortal Kombat game this spring. The immortal fighting series has been kicking for years and is slated for an upcoming release date of April 23. Earlier, we reported that mixed martial artist Rhonda Rousey will be lending her voice for the role of Sonya Blade. The former UFC champion is an ideal match for Blade, who is equally as tough off-screen. Rousey, also who holds an Olympic medal in Judo, made history for being the longest reigning UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. Last year, Rousey made the switch to WWE, and she has expanded her work as an actress, appearing in films like Furious 7 and The Expendables 3.

Since the early nineties, fans have been captivated by the gritty Mortal Kombat series. The franchise has sprawled into the realm of live-action film adaptations to television shows and comic books. Whether it’s from the arcade or button-smashing over the years, many fans have loved Mortal Kombat for well over a decade. According to Revenge of the Fans, there are plenty of new casting details regarding an upcoming animated Mortal Kombat film from Warner Bros. A new report from ROTF notes that WB Animation currently has a Mortal Kombat film in development, and two of the major stars include Joel McHale and Jennifer Carpenter. McHale, known for as the host of The Soup, and for his work as Jeff Winger on Community, looks to be a prime suspect for bringing Johnny Cage to life. While exact casting details currently remain unknown, fans have speculated that McHale would make an ideal fit for Cage. Next up on the list includes Jennifer Carpenter, who fans will know from her work with Dexter and Limitless. While Carpenter’s role is still to be announced, fans suspect that she may be voicing Sonya Blade. Carpenter has also lent her voice for the role of Selina Kyle for Batman By Gaslight.

Revenge of the Fans
Revenge of the Fans

Other names from the recent casting announcement include Darin DePaul who voiced J. Jonah Jameson from the recent hit Spider-Man game. Several other actors from Avengers Assemble also made the list, including Fred Tatasciore, Grey Griffin, and Ike Amadi. Meanwhile, many returning veterans from the Mortal Kombat franchise will be reprising their roles, including Patrick Seitz as Scorpion, Steve Blum as Sub-Zero, and Kevin Michael Richardson, who voiced Goro from the live-action film back in 1995. Additionally, Robin Atkin Downes of Disenchantment and Voltron was listed, along with Jordan Rodrigues from Lady Bird and The Fosters. Stay tuned for more updates here at The Gamer regarding this upcoming animated Mortal Kombat film as they are announced.

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