Mortal Kombat 11: The 10 Best Fighters For Beginners

Mortal Kombat 11 is proving to be immensely popular with fans of the brutal fighting game series and a great entry for the franchise. Even though it’s the 11th game in the series and the franchise itself has been around since the 90s, there are still some gamers who are experiencing this gory world for the first time with this title.

To ease the transition into this simple yet complex to master fighting game, here is a list of the ten fighters in Mortal Kombat 11 that are great for beginners to the franchise or fighting games in general.

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10 Skarlet

One of the easier fighters in Mortal Kombat 11 for beginners is Skarlet. Unfortunately, this has more to do with her character feeling underdeveloped rather than being geared towards beginners. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of combos and they don’t seem to vary much, which means they’re easier to remember and pull off.

She’s not the best character for more skilled players, but she can be a good one for beginners who are intimidated by other characters with lots of combos to learn and memorize and want something simpler.

9 Jax

Jax is great for beginners because he has a very simple playstyle, get in and dish out damage until there’s an opportunity to grab the enemy. This isn’t to say he’s simple to master, just that his main strategy is very straight forward for beginners.

He’s also nice for beginners in that he’ll teach players to be willing to get up close and personal with their enemies and when to look for opportunities. High-level fights are all about exploiting an opponent’s mistakes or taking advantage of the moments your character can shine, and fighting as Jax will teach the right moments to perform grabs which can turn the tide in battle.

8 Liu Kang

For the players who aren’t afraid to spend some time memorizing and learning combo sets, Liu Kang is a great fighter for beginners looking to be challenged a little. He’s good for beginners because of how versatile he is in close combat and from afar with his fireballs, meaning multiple playstyles can be utilized without sacrificing power.

He’s good for the beginner who’s picking up the game quickly or has experience playing other fighting games and is diving into Mortal Kombat for the first time.

7 Johnny Cage

Like Jax, Johnny Cage is a good fighter for players who pursue a fight simplistically. He’s a close-range brawler that’s good at applying pressure to the enemy and has a variety of combos that range from simple to challenging to pull off.

He’s good for beginners who are wanting to be challenged as they learn, or to have someone they can grow into overtime. He’s definitely not for everyone, and he’ll feel a little weak at times until the player gets used to him, but he’s not a bad fighter to learn the game with.

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6 Shao Kahn

A villain from the previous games, Shao Kahn is a great fighter for beginners who can resist the urge to button mash. He hits hard, but he is also pretty slow, so he caters to players who can act patiently and wait for the right moment to strike without panicking when under attack.

Admittedly, he’s not great for beginners brand-new to fighting games who will push every single button in an effort to stay alive. He's more for players who can keep their cool or aren’t afraid to lose occasionally if it means learning how to play.

5 Sub Zero

A member of the old team from the 90s, Sub Zero is a great fighter for beginners given how devastating his abilities are. Using the power of ice Sub Zero can slow and even utterly freeze his opponents in battle. Granted the moments the enemy is slowed or frozen are often fleeting, but having even a second of breathing room in this game is huge for beginners that may start getting overtaken by fast or powerhouse opponents.

He’s a little more difficult to play than others on this list, but, for those beginners who can master his abilities, he makes things a little more... chill.

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4 Kabal

Kabal is a good choice for beginners because of how simple his overall playstyle is. He’s fast on his feet, his Buzzsaw projectiles are surprisingly effective, and his Nomad Dash is easy to use and kickstart combos. While not all of his combos will be useful for beginning players, there are some strong ones that can be easily implemented.

The only downside with this character is how much beginners will want to hang back and do ranged attacks when they should really be setting up combos. But, for those beginners who learn to set up those dominos, he makes for a satisfying character that’s simple to play.

3 Kotal Kahn

Like many others on this list, Kotal Kahn is good for beginners because of how burly he is. Like Shao Kahn, he takes patience and levelheadedness, but his sword makes button mashing a little more forgivable. He also seems a little better equipped at exploiting openings with his Tecuani Maul that’ll launch him across the screen at his enemies with alarming speed.

He can hold his own in close combat and does heavy damage at a range, so he’s good for players that want a little beefiness in their characters without feeling like they can’t seize open the openings they’ll learn to see.

2 Erron Black

Erron Black is a character that will take a long time for beginners to master but rewards them every step of the way.  For those just starting out, he'll be a great range fighter with lots of options for damaging the enemy. Beginners can keep their enemies at bay with bullets from his revolver and rifle before having to finish them off up close.

Once beginners get a feel for his combos and close range combat they’ll learn to use his ranged projectiles to disrupt opponents plans, but in the beginning, they make for a good default attack and can chip away an opponents health long before they can get the player in their grasp.

1 Scorpion

The favored character of the game’s makers and fans since he appeared in the first Mortal Kombat all those years ago. Scorpion is a great fighter, if not the best, for beginners to the franchise. His fighting style is very balanced between speed and power and his combos are very easy to learn, remember, and execute in battle.

He’s the character developers chose to star in the tutorial and for a majority of the campaign. It’s no wonder then that he’d be beginner-friendly while still serving as a powerful character competitively. This is someone they want players becoming familiar with.

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