10 Things That You Didn't Know Happened In Mortal Kombat X Comics

With the Mortal Kombat community growing each year, more people are becoming intrigued with the story and lore of the video games. Some fans may not be aware of the history of tie-in comics with the franchise.

When Mortal Kombat X launched in 2015, a 36-issue comic published by DC Comics was released alongside the Mortal Kombat X to tell the events between some of the revenant’s release and the present story in MKX. Here are some important events that happened in the printed series.

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10 Takeda's Origins

Before Takeda Takahashi was a Shirai Ryu ninja, he was the illegitimate son living in Thailand with his mother Suchin. The comic opens with Kenshi, Takeda’s father, carrying a young Takeda on his back. The Red Dragon was coming for Kenshi for defecting against the dangerous gang. Suchin was killed, and Takeda was next.

Scorpion killed Hsu Hao and Red Dragon goons to save Kenshi and Takeda. Because Kenshi is still on the run, he requests Scorpion to take in Takeda and never speak of his name. Scorpion was against it at first but accepts the responsibility of raising Kenshi’s son. Takeda was reluctant at first but eventually the revived Shirai Ryu became his home.

9 The Kamidogu Return

Newer fans of the franchise may not be acquainted with the Kamidogu. In the previous timeline, the six relics were introduced in Mortal Kombat: Deception. The Kamidogu were created by the Elder Gods, embody the essence of the realms, and when collected, can grant one the ability to manipulate reality.

In the current timeline, the Kamidogu were retconned into daggers that grants users access to powerful Blood Magik. The user offers blood by cutting themselves or someone else. The empowered wielder will have their power drained to the point of severe exhaustion as a trade-off, however. The comic’s plot revolves around the Kamidogu daggers.

8 How Sub-Zero Became Human After Being Cyberized

This is going to be a little confusing. In Mortal Kombat (2011), Kuai Liang was killed alongside the Earthrealm Warriors by Sindel and resurrected as a revenant. But in the comics, Kuai Liang as Cyber SubZero was captured and brought to the sorcerer Quan Chi by revenant Smoke and Jax. The Lin Kuei warrior was defiant, but Quan Chi destroyed his body and recreated his organic body.

Unfortunately, this made Kuai Liang a revenant in the process. One can assume this happened before Raiden confronted Quan Chi in MK (2011), but it doesn’t make sense considering he’s still cyberized in that scene. But it does explain why Kuai Liang has a human body again at the beginning of MKX.

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7 The Return of Some 3D Era Characters

The 3D Era of Mortal Kombat included Mortal Kombat 4, Deadly Alliance, Deception and Armageddon. Reiko (MK4) and Havik (Deception) made their official appearance in the current timeline of Mortal Kombat via the MKX Comic, and they serve a particularly important role in the overarching plotline.

Reiko wants to control of Outworld by usurping Kotal Kahn and allying with Mileena. Havik is using the Kamidogu to execute a master plan. Other 3D era characters that make an appearance are Hsu Hao, Fujin, Daegon, Drahmin, Moloch, Mavado, Jarek and Shujinko; they serve more minor roles, however.

6 Kotal's Origins

The Osh-Tekk are not only a race in Outworld, but they had their own separate realm. Shao Kahn and Goro killed many Osh-Tekk during their conquest on the realm. Kotal’s father, Kotal Ketz, surrendered control of the realm to Shao Kahn, much to Kotal’s disappointment and anger.

To prove himself worthy of leading the Osh-Tekk, Kotal took the portal stone and traveled to Earthrealm to survive there for some years. Kotal became the temporary ruler of an Amazon Mayan civilization until they died from disease. The comic also recounts Kotal’s time serving under Shao Kahn and why he decided to overthrow Mileena.

5 Tensions in Outworld

There are many conflicts that happen in Outworld during this comic. You got Kotal Kahn and the Osh-Tekk butting heads with the Shokan. Mileena is allied with Reiko, who is trying to overthrow Kotal Kahn.

A lot of the Outworld forces come together to fight Reiko toward the end of the comic. The comic really fleshes out the complex politics and cultural differences in Outworld.

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4 Scorpion Comes to Terms with Himself

Throughout the comic, Hanzo Hasashi grapples with using his hellfire style. He reveals to Takeda that if he uses his hellfire, then he succumbs to his Scorpion persona – powerful, vengeful and nearly uncontrollable. When Havik kills Hanzo, the Shirai Ryu is transported to an unknown world where he confronts his Scorpion persona.

Arguably one of the best parts of the comic, Hanzo and Scorpion fight over the fate of their soul. Wrath versus acceptance. Hanzo prevails over his specter half, finishing him with one of his MKX fatalities and saving Takeda in time from Havik.

3 Kotal Kahn Lops Off Goro's Arms

A battle two warrior princes – two kombatants fighting for the fate of their peoples and the future of Outworld. Kotal wants blood after Goro killed his father Kotal K’etz. Kotal brandishes a Kamidogu dagger and uses its power to gain an advantage, but the fight does not go well for the Osh-Tekk at first.

Kotal manages to tear off one of Goro’s arms, taking the other three using his sword. Goro demands Kotal Kahn finish him, but Kotal leaves him alive to suffer with his Shokan traditions and dignity damaged.

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2 Sheeva Becomes the New Shokan Queen

We know Sheeva is the Queen of the Shokan in Mortal Kombat 11, but how did she gain her title? King Gorbak, the ruler of the Shokan and Goro’s father, died. In order to determine the next ruler, there was a royal contest of kombat.

The female Shokan triumphed and took her place as the new ruler of her people. She also accompanied Kotal Kahn to Shang Tsung’s island to confront Mileena and Reiko.

1 Kintaro Dies

After Goro was defeated and amputated by Kotal Kahn, Kintaro challenged the Osh-Tekk to kombat. Kotal Kahn wins but doesn’t kill Kintaro. He wants the Shokan to join them in taking down Mileena and Reiko. Kintaro agrees to this allegiance, but his life is cut short in the climax of the final battle against Reiko and Havik.

A brainwashed Cassie Cage, Jacqui Briggs and Johnny Cage subdues Kintaro, and Sonya Blade rips off the Tigar Shokan’s head. This is why Kintaro did not make an appearance in Mortal Kombat 11. Unless there’s a reboot or DLC, this will be his last appearance for a while.

The Mortal Kombat X Comic facilitated a lot of character growth, backstory and change that players rarely see in the mainline video game stories. However, these events are not the only developments in the comic. With the ending of Mortal Kombat 11, Netherrealm Studios could release spin-off comics in the future.

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