Mortal Kombat DLC Leaks Were Right, And Shang Tsung Trailer Easter Egg Proves It

The new trailer for the first Mortal Kombat 11 DLC, aptly named the Kombat Pack 1, has given players a glimpse at new characters, all but confirming previous leaks and rumors about the two remaining guests.

Fans were quick to point out that the music playing in the background of the gameplay was from The Terminator, indicating that the T-800 was about to make his brutal entrance into the game. Far more apparent now is that Ash from the Evil Dead series will also be joining the game, which means that Bruce Campbell has been playing us all for fools, and we love him for it.

A recent post on Reddit displayed leaked datamined files from the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which mention both the inclusion of the Teminator and Ash. However, these leaks were quickly dismissed by Bruce Campbell.

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Players were disappointed by this and hoped that the leaks were in fact true. Now that the trailer has been revealed, Campbell has again Tweeted, all but confirming that he was, in every sense of the word, messing with us:

The trailer stated that we would be informed of the other special guests “soon,” but we will not have long to wait until we see some sweet-chainsaw and shotgunning action.

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Meanwhile, the leaks also mention that there is a file for “Joker,” who would certainly make an appropriate addition to the game. Players who used Joker in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe may recall the censorship of his finishing move depending on the region. There's no doubt that such restrictions would not fit here.

Now that Ash is all but a confirmed character in the first DLC pack, it is surprising that no one has heard from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor first donned the iconic role in 1984, and to this day reprises the role in different ways. Like Campbell, Schwarzenegger may simply be under a gag order until the formal announcement is made. We certainly look forward to the Terminator tossing canisters of liquid nitrogen at opponents and hearing him say “Hasta la vista, baby” before shattering them into thousands of pieces.

The Mortal Kombat 11 DLC does not yet have a firm release date, but hopefully, we'll find out more soon.

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